local p = {}
local pref = { 'Anne','Aika','Justine','Jan','Charlotte','Ching','Maladetta','Riscisa','Kalista','Ariana','Red-Handed Jill','Grace','Margaret','Mary','Morgan','Rachel','The Bewitching','The Vile','Oathbreaker','Jillian','Ravenna','Himiko','Silver','Nanako', }
local suff = { 'Teach','Bligh','Bonny','Drake','Rackham','Shih','Ng-Tsai','ad Din','Tristar','Piwar','Thorn','Silver','the Cruel','Hook','Song','Sharktooth','Wytche','Skulltaker','Kidd','Morgan','Bonny','Read','Fang','the Ghost', }
function p.main()
local ret = {''}
for _, v in ipairs(pref) do
for _, w in ipairs(suff) do
table.insert(ret,string.format('[[%s %s]]',v,w))
return table.concat(ret,'\n# ')
return p

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