local items = {{'Clay', 'Soft clay', 'Rune essence', 'Copper ore', 'Tin ore', 'Limestone', 'Blurite ore', 'Iron ore', 'Elemental ore', 'Silver ore', 'Pure essence', 'Coal', 'Sandstone (1kg)', 'Sandstone (2kg)', 'Sandstone (5kg)', 'Sandstone (10kg)', 'Uncut opal', 'Uncut jade', 'Uncut red topaz', 'Uncut sapphire', 'Uncut emerald', 'Uncut ruby', 'Uncut diamond', 'Gold ore', 'Granite (500g)', 'Granite (2kg)', 'Granite (5kg)', 'Rubium', 'Mithril ore', 'Adamantite ore', 'Living minerals', 'Bane ore', 'Red sandstone', 'Runite ore'},
{'Raw shrimps', 'Raw crayfish', 'Raw karambwanji', 'Raw sardine', 'Raw herring', 'Raw anchovies', 'Raw mackerel', 'Raw trout', 'Raw cod', 'Raw pike', 'Slimy eel', 'Raw salmon', 'Frog spawn', 'Raw tuna', 'Raw rainbow fish', 'Raw cave eel', 'Raw lobster', 'Raw bass', 'Raw swordfish', 'Raw shark', 'Raw lava eel', 'Raw monkfish', 'Raw karambwan', 'Raw cavefish', 'Raw rocktail', 'Leaping trout', 'Leaping salmon', 'Leaping sturgeon', 'Raw wobbegong'},
{'Logs', 'Achey tree logs', 'Oak logs', 'Willow logs', 'Teak logs', 'Maple logs', 'Hollow reed', 'Acadia logs', 'Mahogany logs', 'Arctic pine logs', 'Eucalyptus logs', 'Yew logs', 'Magic logs', 'Blisterwood logs', 'Elder logs', 'Bamboo', 'Golden bamboo'},
{'Raw potato', 'Onion', 'Cabbage', 'Tomato', 'Sweetcorn', 'Strawberry', 'Watermelon', 'Marigolds', 'Rosemary', 'Nasturtiums', 'Woad leaf', 'Limpwurt root', 'Barley', 'Hammerstone hops', 'Asgarnian hops', 'Jute fibre', 'Yanillian hops', 'Krandorian hops', 'Wildblood hops', 'Grimy guam', 'Grimy marrentill', 'Grimy tarromin', 'Grimy harralander', 'Grimy ranarr', 'Grimy spirit weed', 'Grimy toadflax', 'Grimy irit', 'Grimy wergali', 'Grimy avantoe', 'Grimy kwuarm', 'Grimy snapdragon', 'Grimy cadantine', 'Grimy lantadyme', 'Grimy dwarf weed', 'Grimy torstol', 'Grimy fellstalk', 'Redberries', 'Cadava berries', 'Dwellberries', 'Jangerberries', 'White berries', 'Poison ivy berries', 'Cooking apple', 'Banana', 'Orange', 'Curry leaf', 'Pineapple', 'Papaya fruit', 'Coconut', 'Bittercap mushroom', 'Cactus spine', 'Cave nightshade', 'Calquat fruit', 'Morchella mushroom', 'Grapes of Guthix', 'Grapes of Saradomin', 'Grapes of Zamorak'},
{'Polar kebbit fur', 'Common kebbit fur', 'Feldip weasel fur', 'Desert devil fur', 'Long kebbit spike', 'Raw beast meat', 'Red feather', 'Yellow feather', 'Orange feather', 'Blue feather', 'Stripy feather', 'Wimpy feather', 'Raw bird meat', 'Kebbit claws', 'Barb-tail harpoon', 'Kebbit spike', 'Diseased kebbit fur', 'Kebbit teeth', 'Chinchompa', 'Red chinchompa', 'Raw pawya meat', 'Spotted kebbit fur', 'Dark kebbit fur', 'Dashing kebbit fur'},
{'Raw beef', 'Raw rat meat', 'Raw bear meat', 'Raw yak meat', 'Raw chicken', 'Ugthanki meat', 'Raw rabbit', 'Spider carcass', 'Raw chompy', 'Raw jubbly', 'Raw oomlie', 'Fat snail meat', 'Thin snail meat', 'Lean snail meat', 'Ashes', 'Eye of newt', 'Grimy snake weed', 'Clean snake weed', 'Bear fur', 'Unicorn horn', 'Swamp tar', "Red spiders' eggs", 'Chocolate bar', "Toad's legs", 'Desert goat horn', 'Snape grass', 'Cockatrice egg', 'Frog spawn', 'Mort myre fungus', 'Yew roots', 'Potato cactus', 'Magic roots', 'Crushed nest', 'Cowhide', 'Imphide', 'Spider silk', 'Carapace', 'Batwing', 'Snake hide', 'Yak-hide', 'Green dragonhide', 'Blue dragonhide', 'Red dragonhide', 'Black dragonhide', 'Royal dragonhide', 'Wool', 'Flax', 'Maple roots', 'Oak roots', 'Willow roots', 'Willow branch', 'Snail shell', 'Egg', 'Phoenix feather', 'Muspah spine'}}
local categories = {'Mining', 'Fishing', 'Woodcutting', 'Farming', 'Hunter', 'Other'}
return {items = items, categories = categories}

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