-- <nowiki>
local p = {}
local pt = require('Module:Paramtest')
local onmain = require('Module:Mainonly').on_main
function p.main(frame)
	local a = frame:getParent().args
	local lang = mw.getContentLanguage()
	local val = 'Unknown <small>[{{fullurl:Template:Dungeoneering droptable|action=edit}} edit]</small>'
	if pt.has_content(a.Smugvalue) then
		if tonumber(a.Smugvalue) then
			val = lang:formatNum(tonumber(a.Smugvalue))
			val = a.Smugvalue
	local name = a.Name:gsub('|.*',''):gsub('{{!}}.*','')
	local ret = {}
	table.insert(ret, string.format('| [[File:%s|link=%s]]', pt.default_to(a.Image, a.Name .. '.png'), a.Name))
	table.insert(ret, string.format('| [[%s]]', a.Name))
	table.insert(ret, string.format('| %s', a.Tier))
	table.insert(ret, string.format('| %s', val))
	table.insert(ret, string.format('| %s', a.Members))
	local smw = ''
	if onmain() and a.nosmw ~= 'yes' then
		smw = string.format('[[Drops item::%s| ]][[Drop JSON::&#123; "name": "%s", "quantity": &#91;%s,%s&#93;, "rarity": "%s" &#125;| ]]', name, name, 1, 10, 'Varies')
	table.insert(ret, string.format('|- %s\n', smw))
	return table.concat(ret, '\n')
return p

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