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This article is about users with elevated capabilities in the RuneScape game or website. For the users with extra technical capabilities on this wiki, see RuneScape:Administrators.

A Moderator (often called a Mod) is a person designated by Jagex to keep RuneScape an enjoyable place. Just about the only requirement to become a Player or Forum Moderator is that the player in question has to be noticed by Jagex as a player worthy and trustworthy of the status. To become a Jagex Moderator, someone has to work for Jagex in person, as "over the web"-styled jobs are not offered. Different types of Moderators include:

Crown Title Description
Jagex moderator crown Jagex Moderator These are employees and staff members of Jagex. They are sometimes referred to as J-Mods. Approximately 500 exist.
Player moderator crown Player moderator VIP badge Player Moderator These are players who assist Jagex in keeping the game free from rule-breakers. They are sometimes referred to as P-Mods. Currently, there are over 1,900 active player moderators.
Forum moderator crown Forum Moderator These moderators are players who assist in keeping the official forums free from rule-breakers. The role of Forum Moderators have changed over the summer of 2009. There are currently 98 Forum Moderators.
Player moderator crownForum moderator crown Dual Moderator Next, these are players who have achieved both player and forum moderator status. Some of the Jagex moderators have given their personal account dual status. There was a time when Jagex did not give players Dual Moderator status, but now some players have received it. There are approximately 40 dual moderators currently. They do not have both crown symbols next to their usernames.[1]
Local moderator crown Local Moderator Local moderators are staff members of Gamerica/UOL for the Brazilian Portuguese version of RuneScape that are contracted out by Jagex.

Dual Moderators Edit

Dual Moderators are Players who have both Player Moderator and Forum Moderator status.

Several years ago, Jagex changed the policy such that a player cannot be both an in-game moderator and a forum moderator.[1] Players who had the "Dual Moderator" status before the change were grandfathered in. For a certain period, when a player became either a player or forum moderator, they could not be chosen for the other, unless they had their moderator status revoked at some time and earned the other status later on. It is said that only few dual moderators exist although, it has been confirmed on the forums by Jagex and by some forum mods, that there are many more than that, but they are not allowed to reveal it to normal players due to the player moderator rules. Jagex changed the policy back and new people can now be Dual moderators..[1]

Are You Community Focused Edit

On the fifth of August, 2009 - Jagex opened up a thread called, "Are You Community Focused". This thread allowed players to post telling Jagex they are interested in becoming a RuneScape Player Moderator or Forum Moderator. The thread remained open for more than eight months, and accumulated over 2,000 pages (20,000+ posts). The thread was once declared by a Jagex Moderator to be a permanent sticky.

The thread, however, was deleted due to various forum changes. Though it was reposted on 8 April 2010 and accumulated over 1,000 additional pages of posts, Mod Emilee confirmed on 18 October 2010 that the thread Are You Community Focused is removed and will not come back. The thread did not fulfill its purpose as well as other Player Moderator recruitment methods.

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