Ian Taylor
Nationality British
Jagex moderator crown Name Mod Ian
Role Audio Developer
Team Composers
Project RuneScape
Employed 1999

Ian Taylor, also known as Mod Ian, is an audio developer at Jagex. He initially joined the company to man Customer Support and then spent some time dividing his time between audio and content before joining and eventually heading the audio team in 2003.[1] The audio team is currently led by Mod Lord, however.

For Old School RuneScape, he has composed Scape Ape and Fire in the Deep.


As content developerEdit

As audio developerEdit

Ian has composed 579 music tracks, including:For a full list of Ian's music, see this category.


  • He was the first person to join the Gower brothers at Jagex, and thereby the fourth Jagex Moderator. He is currently the longest serving Jagex employee.
  • His favourite music tracks are the 'bouncy' and comical Keldagrim and Troll Country tracks, as well as Undead Dungeon.[1]


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