Mod Elfborne
Mod Elfborne
Release date 22 September 2014 (Update)
Race Elf
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Tower of Voices
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine An elf with an unfeasibly large face.
Mod Elfborne chathead

Mod Elfborne Amlodd is an Amlodd clan elf that appears when a player uses a bacon mound, chocolate bar and bread on Seren upstairs in the Tower of Voices while the other two items are in their inventory. Doing so unlocks [Name] the Elfborne title.

Upon appearing for the player, he takes the bacon mound and cycles randomly through a number of different sayings:

  • All other gods are either Zaros or Seren in disguise!
  • An elf falls in love with a goblin, they are shunned for their love but the player champions them.
  • Daemonheim is actually a reality TV show and the elder gods are laughing at players!
  • Dragonkin are lovely really. It's just the player who sees monsters!
  • Every demon has twelve names, only three of which a mortal could pronounce!
  • Everybody wants a go with Armadyl's staff!
  • Goblins are just elves that have shrunk in the wash!
  • Guthix is actually Seren's sister and Zaros's long lost son!
  • *huff*
  • Remember all this, there will be a test!
  • *sigh*
  • Sliske just wants the player to love him, but cannot work out how to share his feelings!
  • The elder gods are mere pawns of the even elderer gods!
  • The player is actually mad and is really in an asylum!
  • The Sixth Age is over! You missed the Seventh Age! It's now the Eighth Age!
  • There are twelve Elfborne crystals scattered across RuneScape! Find them all!
  • Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!
  • What if the elder gods are actually just Zaros's practical joke?
  • When goblins invent computers, BandOS will return!
  • You're really a god disguised as a human!

He will eventually disappear and can be summoned again with another mound of bacon.


  • He is a reference to Mod Osborne dressed up as an elf in the "Road to Prifddinas" Behind the Scenes videos. His examine text references Osborne's reputation for having a large face, as well as being known as "the face of RuneScape" according to an interview from RuneFest 2013.
  • The saying concerning "BandOS" is a play on Bandos and the acronym of operating system.
  • "Goblins are just elves that have shrunk in the wash!" is a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's books. Orcs and Goblins are believed to have evolved from Elves when Melkor (later Morgoth) captured, corrupted and bred them.
  • When trying to re-summon him, there used to be the message "Mod Elfborne's appetite has already been sated, he will not return again."
  • The abyssal demon Grapefruit sometimes references Mod Elfborne by saying "Ellllfff...." or "...booorne..." as it wanders around.