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Classic Runestone
Mithril seeds
Mithril seeds
Release date 24 September 2002 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? Yes
High alch 120 coins
Low alch 80 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 300 coins
(Siegfried Erkle)
Exchange price 374 coins (info)
Buy limit 5,000
Examine Magical seeds in a mithril case.
Weight 0 kg
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Mithril seeds detail

Mithril seeds are items that can be planted, in order to produce flowers of a random colour. When planted, they will appear underneath your feet, and then you will automatically move to an adjacent square. Immediately after this action, players are given the choice of picking up the flowers, or leaving them. It is advised that the player take the flowers, due to their monetary value and their use in the Summoning skill, for making Praying Mantis pouches. Mithril seeds cannot be taken onto Entrana.

On 18 March 2013, an anti-gambling update changed the way flowers would appear. All flowers planted are shown as white, but picking them still gives a randomly chosen colour flower. This measure was done to prevent “hot or cold” games that were introduced when Free Trade was brought back to the game on 11 February 2011. Hosts took cash and would return a multiplied amount as promised if the player was right. Although this was a trust trade, players were statistically likely to lose their money in their bets.

Obtaining Mithril Seeds Edit

40 Mithril seeds can be obtained as a reward from the Waterfall Quest

Players can purchase up to 500 of them at Legends Guild, which slowly restocks over time.

Flower colour Coins 1000 Grand Exchange price Coins 1000 Profit/loss made
Flowers (pastel) Flowers (pastel) 1,515 coins 1,141
Flowers (mixed) Flowers (mixed) 1,586 coins 1,212
Red flowers Red flowers 1,875 coins 1,501
Blue flowers Blue flowers 1,460 coins 1,086
Yellow flowers Yellow flowers 1,245 coins 871
Purple flowers Purple flowers 1,211 coins 837
Orange flowers Orange flowers 1,226 coins 852
White flowers White flowers 6,060 coins 5,686
Black flowers Black flowers 1,670 coins 1,296

Flower OddsEdit

The following is a table listing the odds that an individual colour will result. The sample used was of 25,257.


Flowers being planted in one place at the same time.

Flowers in Grand Exchange

Flowers in the Grand Exchange

Flower Colour Plants Percentage
Red 3491 13.82%
Orange 3487 13.81%
Yellow 4036 15.98%
Blue 3898 15.43%
Purple 3830 15.16%
Pastel 2565 10.16%
Rainbow 3871 15.33%
White 29 0.11%
Black 50 0.20%
Total 25257 100.00%

Trivia Edit

  • Only the containers of the seeds are made of mithril. As such, they cannot be smithed from mithril bars.
  • In RuneScape Classic, when one planted a mithril seed, the product would be an uncuttable tree, and one would not back up a space after planting. Thus, if one planted a mithril seed in RuneScape Classic, they would be "inside" or occupying the same space as a temporary tree. These seeds were also allowed to be planted in the Wilderness.
  • They were used to disrupt other players' Hunter training such as in the laying box trap. As of now, players are unable to plant the seeds in hunting areas.
  • These were also commonly used to detect Firemaking bots. When placed directly under a player before they could perform the action, the bot wouldn't be able to respond and would wait until the flower was gone.
  • These seeds are in no way related to the Farming skill, as they existed long before its release.
  • Mithril seeds once jumped in price since the re-release of Free Trade in 2011 due to players hosting the Flower Game; therefore making them in high demand. However, with the removal of dicing and flower games the price of the item has crashed.
  • On 6 June, many players plant mithril seeds in Falador to remember the infamous bug abuse, named the Falador Massacre.
  • Due to their high price, it was a common way to earn around 100k daily buying 300 mithril seeds from the Legends' Guild then selling them all in the Grand Exchange. However, due to an update, the price of this item has crashed, making this money-making method obsolete.
  • With the new RuneScape 3, there is a flower glitch where flowers are floating above the players' heads when they are planted.
  • The seeds have an identical inventory icon to Yommi tree seeds.

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