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Mithril equipment is equipment stronger than black equipment but weaker than adamant equipment. All Mithril items are coloured a dark shade of blue; they are often mistaken for rune equipment because of the similarity in colour. Because of this, they are used in scams where a player will swap rune armour for mithril armour. They are also notably popular due to being lighter than equipment made of other conventional metals, while still providing decent defensive bonuses.

Weapons Edit

Mithril weapons provides medium attack bonuses. Players require 30 Attack to wield them. Mithril equipment is less expensive than black weapons, is very popular because of the significantly greater bonuses than black equipment and because black equipment cannot be smithed.

Melee weaponsEdit

Image Name GE Price Members Only
Mithril dagger Mithril dagger 1,126 coins (update) No
Off-hand mithril dagger Off-hand mithril dagger 111 coins (update) No
Mithril hatchet Mithril hatchet 1,161 coins (update) No
Mithril mace Mithril mace 1,172 coins (update) No
Off-hand mithril mace Off-hand mithril mace 162 coins (update) No
Mithril claw Mithril claw 2,403 coins (update) Yes
Off-hand mithril claw Off-hand mithril claw 717 coins (update) Yes
Mithril sword Mithril sword 1,156 coins (update) No
Off-hand mithril sword Off-hand mithril sword 728 coins (update) No
Mithril longsword Mithril longsword 2,072 coins (update) No
Off-hand mithril longsword Off-hand mithril longsword 1,586 coins (update) No
Mithril scimitar Mithril scimitar 1,983 coins (update) No
Off-hand mithril scimitar Off-hand mithril scimitar 1,447 coins (update) No
Mithril spear Mithril spear 3,648 coins (update) Yes
Mithril warhammer Mithril warhammer 1,394 coins (update) No
Off-hand mithril warhammer Off-hand mithril warhammer 860 coins (update) No
Mithril battleaxe Mithril battleaxe 2,265 coins (update) No
Off-hand mithril battleaxe Off-hand mithril battleaxe 1,148 coins (update) No
Mithril 2h sword Mithril two-handed sword 2,241 coins (update) No
Mithril halberd Mithril halberd 10,609 coins (update) Yes
Mithril pickaxe Mithril pickaxe 2,433 coins (update) No
Mithril hasta Mithril hasta 297 coins (update) Yes
Mithril defender Mithril defender Non-tradeable Yes

Ranged weaponsEdit

Armour Edit

Mithril armour requires 30 Defence to wear.


  • Mithril (also called "truesilver") is a fictional metal invented by J.R.R. Tolkien for his fantasy writings (Lord of the Rings, etc.). Notable is a mithril chainmail shirt worn by Bilbo and then Frodo, described by the former as "light as a feather, but as hard as dragon scales". This may not be completely accurate in RuneScape, but full mithril is lighter than (for example) steel armour, which weighs 60 kg; because of this, one could conclude that Jagex wished to make a tribute to Tolkien. In Lord of the Rings, Mithril is more like rune, than the dark blue RuneScape variant.

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