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Mithril dragons are among the most difficult solo dragon fights in RuneScape. With very high defence, immunity to mithril weapons and immunity to standard poisons, long range firebreath and an attack that encompasses all three combat styles, these dragons can quickly kill an unprepared player. Stat boosters and good food are necessary for anyone wishing to obtain more than a handful of kills. Players should always keep their prayer on; the dragon's range on finding a target is from 8-12 squares away from it. High healing food should always be a must when hunting mithril dragons, as only a few, very experienced, very high-level players find themselves capable of a successful trip without food, and even these players find themselves aided by healing familiars such as a unicorn stallion. Therefore, players who have not invested time into training Summoning will find themselves at a huge disadvantage as healing familiars or beasts of burden will help a player extend their trip.

Since the Evolution of Combat, the effectiveness of Dragonbane Bolts has decreased dramatically. The use of earth spells and super antifire potions proves much more effective, out-hitting ranged weaponry (provided the player has very high Magic and Defence levels).


Mithril dragons are immune to the effects of poison, and almost completely impervious to mithril-based weaponry. As a result, enchanted emerald bolts are ineffective. One approach to mithril dragons is ranging using enchanted ruby and diamond bolts. The ruby bolts' special effect will remove a sizable portion of the opponent's life points (up to 508, if it's full hp) and diamond will decrease their ranged defence. Ruby should only be used while the target is above half health, below half and the special effect will start to take away smaller portions that could be hit without the enchanted effect.

Alternatively, after completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest players may find dragonbane bolts or dragonbane arrows effective against mithril dragons, potentially outperforming even runite bolts.

Karil's, royal d'hide armour, or armadyl armour is a much better choice over black dragonhide because of the increased defence and life point bonuses. The Protect from Missiles prayer or Deflect Missiles curse is recommended when using ranged, especially for players with lower defence who are not using a dragonfire shield. The Sap Mage curse also works well, reducing the dragon's defence and magic, though you may have to compensate for the extra prayer with more potions and/or focusing more on prayer-boosting gear. At least a level 70 weapon is required, otherwise you will not hit very often.

If prayer drain is not an issue, a player using curse prayers can use Deflect Magic and Leech Ranged, efficiently making you stronger and the dragon weaker.

Recommended stats

  • 90+ Ranged-icon
  • 80+ Defence-icon
  • 80+ Constitution-icon
  • 74+ Prayer-icon
Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion (4)
Ranging potion (4)Defence potion (4)Antifire (4)Antifire (4)

Suggested inventory

Optional inventory

Recommended equipment

If players are using ranged against the dragons, it is highly recommended to use the dragons that are isolated from each other to prevent an additional attack against the dragons as their magic attack tends to hit often against even Armadyl and Karil's armour. Attacking the two isolated dragons will prevent this and save food. If using Sagies, players should always use them due to the Sagaie's effect at long-ranged distances and the other dragons are too close to prevent the full effect of it from happening.


Bring the recommended equipment, overloads or extreme potions, prayer potions, and a holy wrench to increase your prayer restoration. If you have 88 Summoning, a unicorn stallion is recommended for fast healing. However, a bunyip on its own is still very useful for those who do not have access to the unicorn.

Upon arriving at the mithril dragons, turn on Protect from Melee, drink your antifire, and boost up your stats using Piety/Superhuman Strength/Turmoil prayers. You should activate Protect from Melee as the dragon's melee attack is its strongest, hitting up to 282 life points.

Mithril dragons have moderate defence against melee attacks, but at high attack and strength levels, they can still be killed effectively with melee, provided at least chaotic weaponry is used. At the very least, you will need a level 75 weapon to deal efficient damage with them - any lower and you might spend considerable time and waste food trying to kill one dragon.

Full void (melee) is also an effective way to kill mithril dragons, but dangerous due to low life point and armour bonuses. If you have 88 Summoning and 92 Prayer, you can use Soul Split and/or a unicorn for additional healing, though the former can be very dangerous on its own due to the dragon's high max hit, which it will hit frequently even against high level armour. If you have 96 Summoning, the unicorn is not needed if you bring some food and a pack yak, and are good at switching Soul Split and Deflect Melee, this way allows you to use the yak to bank bones and drops.

Players can completely avoid the dragon's melee attack by stepping 1 square away when it is the dragon's attack turn then walking back to attack the dragon and quickly walking away again for the dragon's attack turn. Being at a distance will mean the dragon will always use either its ranged or magic attack. Players can then use either Protect from Magic or Protect from Ranged to reduce damage from one of its attacks and heal after being hit with the other attack.

If using melee, it is highly advised to target the three dragons in the middle as this prevents running from one area to another and is effective at finishing a task quickly if you manage to pull off a string of lucky hits on the dragon. It also saves running energy if you are low on supplies to finish the task off. However, it can be dangerous as all three dragons in the area will be attacking at once, and withstanding their hits can be difficult.

Recommended stats

  • 85+ Attack-icon
  • 85+ Strength-icon
  • 85+ Defence-icon
  • 68+ Summoning-icon
  • 70+ Prayer-icon (95+ if using curses)

Recommended equipment

This setup is used for a good outcome with super anti-fires, a powerful melee weapon, prayer, and food. You will often be using extreme sets, super antifires, and high healing foods such as rocktails. Prayer potions may also be needed if praying against melee.

High Level Setup

This setup is useful for anyone with access to elite void and the deflector. It focuses purely on using prayer and a unicorn to stay alive, eliminating the need to bring food. Note: This is a high level setup; you must have extremes, chaotics, turmoil, and 88 Summoning to make full use of this setup. If done correctly, one can last a full unicorn getting upwards of 60 kills a trip. You should bring a bonecrusher, Unicorn scrolls, and a teleport. 2 extreme attacks + strengths, 3 super anti-fires, 2-4 spec restore potions, and then nothing but prayer potions. Prayer renewals can be extremely useful here. You can substitute 3 prayer potions for 2 renewals and an extra spec restore

The tactic used here is to start in Edgeville or the NW Grand Exchange booth. Have unicorn already summoned and use the fairy rings to get into the caves. (Note: Doing Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift allows you to save space by not having to take a staff to use the rings)

Once you've arrived, take a sip of anti-fire, pray Protect from Magic and run up the stairs to the mithril dragons. Run to the centre area where there are 3 spawns. Take a dose of your extremes and a prayer renewal, activate Berserker, Deflect Melee and Turmoil. The bonecrusher eliminates the need to bury the bones. You should re-pot when your stats hit around 110 (assuming 99 Attack/Strength). Attack the first dragon, click on Deploy Dreadnip, attack the dragon again, and then summon the dreadnip. Ensure the dreadnip can attack the dragon; this will significantly raise kills per hour.

When you get low on health, start to flash Soul Split, as your unicorn alone won't be able to keep up with healing, especially if your antifire drops or the dragon spams magic or ranged attack.


High level earth spells are one of the most effective options for maging mithril dragons, with Earth Surge and Shadow Barrage being optimal while Earth Wave and Shadow Blitz will still suffice. This comes at the cost of the player's own defence as magic armour is most effective against melee users, which will not be of any use at a distance. Hence, praying Protect from Ranged is recommended. Also, because of the negative effect of Saradomin brews being less disruptive to mages than to rangers and meleers, it may also be used as food source to significantly lengthen the trip, though it can disrupt the use of higher levelled abilities. Blood Blitz is also a very good spell to use against mithril dragons as the healing effect almost eliminates the need for food, at the cost of slightly less accuracy due to being a fire spell and not an earth spell. The polypore staff is highly effective and cheap and it requires no runes so more inventory space is available for food or potions, but the Polypore Strike spell is an air spell rather than an earth spell, so this comes at a slight accuracy cost. Using this method in conjunction with 88 Summoning (for the unicorn stallion familiar), it's not uncommon to exceed 50 kills per trip.

The curses Sap Mage or Leech Mage and Leech Defence will be immensely helpful when using magic since the benefit goes both ways, though if reducing the amount of damage taken isn't an issue then the normal prayers are recommended giving considerably higher magic accuracy.

Recommended stats

  • 80+ Magic-icon
  • 85+ Defence-icon
  • 45+ Prayer-icon (80+ if using curses)

Recommended equipment

'*'Note : Ahrim's robes (top, robe and hood) can be replaced with Akrisae gear (for the prayer bonuses) if you have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat.


  • Normal prayers: Augury > Mystic might (along with Protect from Ranged)
  • Ancient curses: Leech mage > Sap mage (along with Deflect Ranged)

Players with access to super antifire potions are recommended to use a void knight deflector (if using void), arcane spirit shield, mages' book or unholy book if using ancient magicks.

One of the more effective methods is to use full void (magic) but replace the body with ahrim's robe top, but this requires a void knight deflector be worn (which excludes the celestial surgebox and all players below 85 Herblore). Otherwise, full void magic's effect alone results in less magical accuracy than full Ahrim's (non-applicable after the Evolution of Combat updates, as accuracy is no longer derived from armour).

The prayers Augury and Mystic Might are helpful while casting spells against dragons. Even at 86-90 Magic, the dragon tends to hit often even with the best magic armour given. Using these prayers, combined with an excellent offensive spell will increase your damage output and make the dragon's attacks hit less often.

Storm of ArmadylEdit

The Storm of Armadyl spell can be very effective against mithril dragons. While the armadyl runes used to cast the spell can be expensive, for wealthy players the increased kill speed may be worth the cost. If on a Slayer task, using the hexcrest/full slayer helmet, wearing the arcane stream necklace, and using magic focus scrolls, extreme magic potions, or overload potions the spell can hit over 500 at a very quick rate of one attack every 2.4 seconds if using the armadyl battlestaff. The armadyl battlestaff is recommended over other staves because it increases the attack speed of the spell.

Recommended stats

  • 90 Magic
  • 92 Prayer (for the Soul split curse)/77 Prayer (For the augury prayer)
  • 85+ Defence (for ganodermic armour)

Recommended equipment

  • Full slayer helmet (with mithril dragons as your slayer assignment) > Ganodermic visor > Virtus mask > Ahrim's hood
  • Arcane stream necklace > Arcane blast necklace > Amulet of fury > Third age amulet > amulet of glory
  • Ganodermic poncho > Virtus robe top > Ahrim's robe top
  • Ganodermic leggings > Virtus robe legs > Ahrim's robe bottoms
  • Spellcaster gloves > Barrows gloves (Anyone who has access to the Storm of armadyl spell will have access to level 10 culinaromancer's gloves)
  • Ragefire boots > Infinity boots > mystic boots
  • Arcane spirit shield > Mages' book > Anti-dragon shield
  • God cape > Ardougne cloak 3/4 > Spellstorm drape > Soul wars cape > Skill cape
  • Seer's ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Dragonstone ring (i) > Seer's ring > Tokkul-zo
  • Armadyl battlestaff
  • Vampyrism, Reverence, or Penance aura (not necessary but helpful)


  • Armadyl runes (a task of about 20 dragons will consume 200-350 runes, depending on your magic level and damage boosts)
  • Super antifire potions (or antifire potions if using anti-dragon shield)
  • Magic focus scrolls and a wolpertinger pouch, overload potions, or extreme magic potions
  • 8-10 prayer potions
  • Emergency food
  • Enhanced Excalibur
  • A teleportation method (e.g. Teleport tab)
  • Enchanted gem/Slayer ring (To check kills remaining)


If using Ancient Curses with 92+ Prayer and ganodermic armour, it is recommended that you stand away from the dragons' melee range and pray Deflect Missiles, and to use Soul Split curse when low on health. If using wolpertinger + magic focus scrolls, use the wolpertinger's special attack at the start of every kill. Bring a few pieces of food for tough situations. If using overloads and Virtus, saradomin brews can be used to fit a lot of life points into one inventory slot.


Familiars will significantly extend the number of kills per trip, the most popular being the bunyip and fruit bat for their ability to restore a player's life points. The elemental titans are a step up from the bunyip and Fruit bat, negating the need to bring down a super defence potion with its active scroll ability boosting the summoner's Defence and life points. Finally, the unicorn stallion can help the player get up to 60 kills per trip, assuming the player receives some shark drops.

Familiars cannot be taken through the whirlpool, however a beast of burden can still be used to carry extra supplies. This technique entails dismissing your familiar on the dock, going through the whirlpool, dropping an amount of supplies equal to what your familiar was carrying, then using a games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost, retrieving the supplies dropped by your familiar, going through the whirlpool, then summoning the same beast of burden and retrieving the supplies you dropped on the other side of the whirlpool. The problem however, is that if you cannot get the items in time, they can either disappear or another player using the waterfalls can take those items.

By taking 5 bittercap mushrooms and a spade to a spot of Enchanted Soil near the waterfiends in the western part of the Ancient Cavern, you can create a fairy ring to Zanaris (after Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen). You can bring a familiar through the fairy ring, which allows beasts of burden full of food to be brought to the mithril dragons, increasing your output of dragons killed per trip.

Another method of bringing a beast of burden into the Ancient Caverns with a full supply of food is using the ferocious ring, which is obtained randomly when fighting creatures in Kuradal's Dungeon. The Ferocious Ring allows for teleportation close to the Dragonforge which is located on the other side of the Ancient Cavern.

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