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Mithril arrowheads detail

Mithril arrowheads are items that can be made at level 55 Smithing, granting 50 experience per bar. Every Mithril Bar can make 15 arrowheads. They can be fletched into mithril arrows at level 45 Fletching when used with headless arrows, which are made by using arrow shafts with feathers, granting 112.5 experience per 15 arrows made.

At current Grand Exchange prices, producing 15 arrowheads will gain the player -597 coins profit (-11.94 coins per XP), without bonus experience.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Dargaud's Bows and Arrows68Coins 25Coins 100Yes
Gulluck and Sons68Coins 25Coins 100Yes
Hickton's Archery Emporium68Coins 25Coins 100Yes
King Lathas's Armoury68Coins 25Coins 100Yes
Void Knight Archery Store68Coins 25Coins 30Yes


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