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Miscellania mining site

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Miscellania mining site
Misc coal mine
Also known as Managing Kingdom Mine, Miscellania Coal Mine
Location Northern Miscellania
Members Yes
Rocks 6 Coal rocks
Monsters None
Requirements Throne of Miscellania
Main music Unknown edit
MiscellaniaCoalMine location
Shooting Star Miscellania

The mining site, with a star fallen

The Miscellania mining site is located on Miscellania, near the north-western part of the island. Fairy ring code C•I•P can be used to quickly access the mine. The mine contains coal, however no ores are gained from mining them. The mine's only purpose is to raise the player's popularity rating for Throne of Miscellania. Miner Magnus keeps any ores that the player mines. It is a possible landing site for a Shooting Star.

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