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Miscellaneous key detail

Miscellaneous key is a quest item obtained during the Heroes' Quest quest from Grip. It is used to access the windowed room in the Black Arm Gang's hideout in Brimhaven. From here a second player can kill Grip using a ranged attack, and the first player, the one doing the quest, is then able to retrieve Grips' key from the body. This is one of the keys that cannot be held on a Steel key ring.


The key can be obtained by a member of the Black Arm Gang by talking to Grip and choosing the following options in order:

  1. "So what do my duties involve?"
  2. "Anything I can do now?"

They will be given the miscellaneous key, which they can trade to the Phoenix Gang player.


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  • The examine text used to say "I wonder what this unlocks!".

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