Troll scrawlings detail

While dungeoneering in Daemonheim you can find Miscellaneous journals, which are a collection of journals about various things inside of Daemonheim.

  1. Astea frostweb's journal
  2. Troll scrawlings
  3. Environmental effects (part 1)
  4. Divine skinweaver's journal
  5. Hobgoblin scrawlings
  6. The price of betrayal
  7. Equipment requisition receipts
  8. Lexicus runewright's journal
  9. Ammunition requisition orders
  10. Bellefleur's journal
  11. Tombstone transcription
  12. Arch necrolord request
  13. Blink's scribblings
  14. Gulega missive
  15. Resource requisition orders
  16. Portal notes
  17. Scrap of parchment
  18. Letter to an acolyte
  19. Letter from brundt
  20. Strange token

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