Minigames is a category of achievements that was released on 18 April 2017.

Achievements in categoryEdit

Name Members Description RuneScore
A-Voiding Conflict Yes Win a Pest Control game after repairing all barricades to full. 25
Altar Explorer Yes Play a round of Great Orb Project on each different altar map. 10
Beggars Can't Be Choosers Yes Feed a survivor in the Temple Trekking scenario only great gunkan or great maki to progress. 5
Careful, There Are Snakes Yes Loot 20 urns in a single run of Pyramid Plunder without disturbing a snake. 20
Claymation Yes Fully exhaust all gathering plots in a Stealing Creation match. 20
Disowned Yes Defeat Vanstrom Klause in the Dominion Tower whilst wielding a reforged Sunspear and full set of House Drakan robes. 40
Going Down With The Ship Yes Let the ship take on 8 leaks before patching them up fully and successfully completing Fishing Trawler. 15
It's Not Called Surging Tombs Yes Complete all objectives solo in Shifting Tombs without using Surge, Escape or Bladed Dive. 15
Little Leaguer Yes Score a goal in Gnome Ball. 10
Magister Smagister Yes Obtain 100 soul fragments within Soul Wars and offer them all at once to the Soul Obelisk. 20
Seeing Lava Yes Use your fire cape on TzTok-Jad before defeating them. 25
Source of Denial Yes Pick fruit from a sq'irk tree in the Sorceress' Garden without stopping. 10
TokHaar-Mok Yes Defeat TokHaar-Hok in the Fight Cauldron minigame using only obsidian equipment. 25
Unlucky For Some Yes In Vinesweeper, dig up 13 potato seeds. 10
Varrock Calls For Aid! Yes Light all 14 beacons without using any of the log storage boxes. 20
What Year Is It? Yes Ice Barrage 99 times in Castle Wars. 20
Who Do Broodoo? Yes Defeat each different type of broodoo victim whilst wearing their coloured mask. 10
You're It Yes Tag 30 correct pillars in a row successfully in the Brimhaven Agility Arena. 20