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Milton the Miller chathead

Milton the Miller is the owner of the Mill Road Mill, a granary found north of Ardougne.

Milton is secretly a H.A.M. member and is amongst those whose radical views have caused him to ally himself with Sigmund. He guarded the entrance to Sigmund's Base in The Chosen Commander quest, but was the only H.A.M. member to survive the Assault on Sigmund's Base.


  • If you ask Milton who he is and then suggest that he is both a undercover White Knight and an evil Culinaromancer, he will answer that he is a 'Knight of the living Bread'. This is likely a reference to the movie(s) The Night of the Living Dead.
  • He doesn't seem to like being a miller, as when asked how to mill some flour, he answers in a bad mood and after begrudgingly explaining the basics starts ranting about "...then you have to do the same thing all day, everyday, because it's the family business and you have to stay in the family business...", implying he didn't want to be a miller at all, but was forced by his family.