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Milestone cape (80) detail

The milestone cape (80) is a cape available to players with at least level 80 in all skills. It can be woven at a Loom, found at the Falador farm, the Crafting Tutor in Taverley, or at the Cadarn Clan in Prifddinas. It requires eight balls of wool to weave, requires 80 Crafting and gives 80 experience. It can be made by anyone with the required crafting level and at least level 80 for all skills. This cape, along with all Milestone capes can be stored in a Player-owned house Cape rack. As with all the other milestone capes, this cape has a slight armour rating, but is usually used to show off a player's total skill level. This cape has the fifth highest experience requirement to wear, behind the 90's cape and ahead of the Quest point cape.

To wear this cape, a player needs at least 51,637,768 total experience, a total level of 2,080, and a combat level of 112.

Combat Stats
RequirementsMilestone cape (80) equipped
80 Defence-icon
CombatSwords AllCape slot
AttributesDamage reduction
Defence-iconArmour4PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Constitution-iconLife points0Style bonuses

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