For the piece of jewellery, see Ring of metamorphosis.
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Magic
Level 66
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 60 seconds
Transform into an elemental based on your most recently cast spell. While transformed, your spells are free to cast and your magic damage is increased by 62.5% (31.25% in PvP). Lasts 15 seconds.
Metamorphosis (air)
Click animation for full size

Metamorphosis is an ultimate magic ability. When activated the player transforms into an elemental dependent on their most recently cast spell. While transformed, combat spells cost no runes and magic damage dealt is increased by 62.5% in PvM, and 31.25% in PvP. Unlike Berserk, Death Swiftness, or Sunshine, damage of magic ability bleeds like Combust, Corruption Blast, as well as the damage dealt by the Crackling perk or even the Dragon Rider amulet's Combust effect are increased. Any bleeds used before Metamorphosis will be boosted once the ability is activated, and any remaining bleeds will revert back to normal when Metamorphosis runs out. This ability lasts for 15 seconds. Although no runes are consumed, players still need to have them in their inventory.

The spells' counterparts in Ancient Magicks do affect this ability and their damage is also increased by it. Smoke spells turn the player into an air elemental, shadow spells for earth, blood spells for fire and ice spells for water.

It appears that Metamorphosis will only boost the damage from spells of the same element as the elemental the player turns into, although other elemental spells will still be free to cast.

It is not actually required to cast the element spell for Metamorphosis; as long as the spell is set to auto-cast, using any damaging ability (even non-magic abilities like Debilitate) will allow you to transform into that spell's associated elemental.

It is impossible to use some teleports, or perform emotes while transformed. It is also impossible to cast during certain transformations. Some teleports work, explorers ring, and ectophial for example. While desert amulet and Captain's log don't.

Metamorphosis shares its cooldown with Sunshine.

Comparison to BerserkEdit

Berserk is the melee counterpart of Metamorphosis.


  • Metamorphosis does not double your damage received, making this ability more viable in dangerous situations.



  • Lower damage boost (162.5% vs 200%)
  • When Metamorphosis is active you cannot teleport, potentially putting yourself in danger
  • Some spells like the Polypore staff's spell do not count as a free spell when using metamorphosis
  • Lower duration compared to Berserk. (15 seconds for Metamorphosis, 20 seconds for berserk.)


  • Using Asphyxiate while Metamorphosis is active can be very deadly in PvP. Use Anticipation before using Asphyxiate to avoid getting stunned while hitting your target.


  • Outclass your opponent in terms of damage by using powerful abilities such as Rapid Fire, forcing them to eat and thus rendering Metamorphosis useless.
  • Simply stunning the opponent can minimise damage.
  • Reflect could both halve your damage received and damage your opponent, leaving them in a dangerous state.


  • This ability used to only give a 25% bonus damage, and was soon changed to 50%. It was later changed to 75% in an unknown update. It was changed back to 50% to match its tooltip information.
  • This ability was further updated, lowering the ability time from 20s to 15s, and changing the damage bonus to be 62.5% in PvM and 31.25% in PvP.
  • This ability will not make non-combat spells (e.g. High Level Alchemy) free to cast.
  • Prior to RuneScape 3, this ability would temporarily change the player's username in the combat tab. Air spells named the player Twister, Water named the player Vortex, Earth named the player Rocky and Fire named the player Sparky.
  • If your worn skillcape gets trimmed right when this ability is being used, you have to equip it again in order to see the trim.
  • The transformation into the fire form is reminiscent of "The Human Torch" from Fantastic Four.
  • It is impossible to take a forum photo with Metamorphosis active.
  • If you are wielding a staff, the elemental will continue to use its spellcasting animations, despite not visibly holding the staff.


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