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Message of the Week was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

Message of the week was a weekly message that players would see in the RuneScape Lobby. It featured a person/object with a piece of advice. There was a new one every Wednesday.

The Message would have a different person/object for every different message. During holiday events, the person/object would pertain to the specific event (e.g. Jack'o lantern for Hallowe'en, the Easter Bunny for Easter, or a snowman for Christmas.) On those certain holidays, the message would either say "Happy (Christmas/Easter/Hallowe'en)" or some other information regarding the event.

Also, along with the Message of the Week, on the "Welcome to Runescape Screen" you could find out how much members credit you had left, if Jagex had sent you any messages, if you had a bank pin, the last time you set your recovery questions, and if you had an email address registered.

Message of the week

A loginscreen with the message of the week at the bottom.


Welcome-left click menu

The Right Clicking on the Welcome Menu

  • Members and F2P players would normally have different messages, excluding holiday periods.
  • When the login update was released, the welcome screen changed drastically, while still keeping the message of the week.

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