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Mercenary Adventurer

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Mercenary Adventurer
Release date 22 April 2008 (Update)
Combat level 1
Race Human
Members only Yes
Quest NPC Yes
Location Burgh de Rott Ramble start point.
Sells items None
Gender Male
Examine A mysterious stranger who seems somehow familiar.

The Mercenary Adventurer is the start point for the Legacy of Seergaze quest. The Mercenary Adventurer is found near a group of adventurers near the bridge to Canifis. He is wearing armour that is pre-update. It appears to be a blue cape, full rune armour (without a shield) and a silver sickle. During the quest, he asks you to escort him to Burgh De Rott, where he reveals himself to be Ivan Strom. Once escorted, he rejoins his Myreque members.


  • Like most NPCs in RuneScape, the Mercenary Adventurer appears to be wearing the old design for rune armour (prior to the armour graphical update).
  • Despite having only a combat level of 1, the Mercenary Adventurer is able to wear a full set of rune and wield a silver sickle.
  • Even though he wields a silver sickle, he will not help you fight any vampyres while leading him to Burgh de Rott, Saying he 'doesn't have the weapons' for it when in fact the silver sickle can inflict damage to vampyres.
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