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Menaphite gift offering (large) detail

Large Menaphite gift offerings can be traded in to Menaphos faction leaders (Grand Vizier Ehsan of the Merchant district, Commander Akhomet of the Imperial district, 'Admiral' Wadud of the Ports district, and Batal of the Worker district) for 1,350-2,700 reputation or opened to receive items. Opening one gives coins and 3–4 other items, while destroying the offering. They can be obtained by completing City Quests and from Motherlode Maw, or bought from the Travelling merchant at the Deep Sea Fishing hub and through the Menaphos birthday gift box.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Coins 10000Coins53,900–199,800Always53,900–199,800
Gold charmGold charm43–104CommonNot sold
Crimson charmCrimson charm7–14CommonNot sold
Bucket of sandBucket of sand10–28 (noted)Common570–1,596
Cactus spineCactus spine10–22 (noted)Common39,910–87,802
Papaya tree seed 5Papaya tree seed5Rare155,220
Potato cactusPotato cactus1Common3,225
Chocolate barChocolate bar1Common140
Sapphire necklaceSapphire necklace1Common1,044
Cup of teaCup of tea1Common246
Sapphire ringSapphire ring1Common933
Ruby ringRuby ring1Common1,594
Ruby necklaceRuby necklace1Common1,638
Diamond ringDiamond ring1Common1,971
Diamond necklaceDiamond necklace1–2Uncommon1,955–3,910
CoconutCoconut10–30 (noted)Uncommon47,750–143,250
Slayer VIP ticketSlayer VIP ticket2–4UncommonNot sold
Silverhawk down 5Silverhawk down6–17UncommonNot sold
Chimes 1000Chimes228–347UncommonNot sold
Ugthanki kebabUgthanki kebab1Uncommon404
Tight springTight spring6–11CommonNot sold
Blue charmBlue charm3–6CommonNot sold
Pot of creamPot of cream1Common133
Uncut onyxUncut onyx1Rare2,562,817
Onyx necklaceOnyx necklace1Rare645,431
Onyx ringOnyx ring1Rare2,071,065
Uncut onyxUncut onyx10 (noted)Very rare25,628,170
TaijituTaijitu1RareNot sold
Goat horn dustGoat horn dust1Common453
Green charmGreen charm18–67CommonNot sold
Magic stoneMagic stone1Rare974,718