"Memorial" redirects here. For the memorial built after the Battle of Lumbridge, see Memorial fountain.
Not to be confused with Guthixian Memories or Tribute to Guthix.
Memorial to Guthix
Memorial to Guthix shrine
Release date 9 January 2017 (Update)
Area Piscatoris Hunter area
Members Yes
Frequency Special
Skills Divination
Currency Memory strand
Guthix (Memorial to Guthix) chathead

Memorial to Guthix is a Divination Distraction and Diversion revolving around the late god Guthix. The memorial site is located in the Piscatoris Hunter area, just north of the ferrets and Nickolaus's camp and just south of the Phoenix Lair and the Airut. Players can teleport directly to the shrine through the use of memory strands, Sixth-Age circuit and charged engrams.

While training Divination outside of Dungeoneering, memory strands can be collected and stored in the currency pouch. The strands are stored automatically after adding the strands to the currency pouch for the first time. These strands can be combined with engrams which can be found all around Gielinor to create echoes. Echoes can be placed in the temple to unlock beneficial buffs, gain Divination experience, and reveal lore about Guthix's life on Gielinor.

Completing the set of echoes once is a requirement for the completionist cape and the master quest cape. Unlocking the ability to activate four buffs at once by prestiging it three times is a requirement for the trimmed completionist cape.

Below the pool at the Memorial to Guthix, players with at least level 70 Divination can access the Hall of Memories.


The tutorial can be started by talking to Orla Fairweather, standing directly by the entrance of the memorial site, who explains about the site and its function. The following steps are required to complete the tutorial:

  1. Talk to Orla Fairweather, she gives 80 memory strands and a Naragi engram.
  2. Charge the engram with 500 pale energy and return to Orla.
  3. Add the echo to one of the empty plinths.
  4. Interact with the echo and return to Orla.
  5. Activate the Harmony of Naragun buff at the fountain of energy.
  6. Return to Orla once more.

Completing the tutorial grants the ability to collect engrams and catch an unlimited number of chronicle fragments and elder chronicles.


Each time an engram is picked up, a Guthixian butterfly will appear granting experience in your lowest skill when caught. This will only happen the first time an engram is picked up during each prestige; players cannot pick up and destroy engrams to continuously spawn Guthixian butterflies.

Locations and buffsEdit

Engram Buff unlocked Location
Naragi engram Naragi Harmony of Naragun Given by Orla Fairweather during the tutorial. After each prestige it can be found in Naragun, north and then west from the fairy ring (AIS), on the floor of Guthix's house. Requires partial (almost full) completion of The World Wakes quest, up to the point where players visit Naragun with Guthix. Naragi engram location
Elder Sword engram Elder Sword Time-worn Memories Found at the Void Knights' Outpost, on the south-east end of the island directly east of the bank on top of a barrel near the beacon under a canopy. Elder Sword engram location
Sword of Edicts engram Sword of Edicts Decree of Mortality Found near the Sword of Edicts in the center of the Wilderness Volcano, slightly east of the cursed energy divination location. Sword of Edicts engram location
Guardians of Guthix engram Guardians of Guthix Guardian of Life Found south of the Tears of Guthix D&D. Guardians of Guthix engram location
World Gate engram World Gate Ethereal Connection Found near the rocks - northeast of the World gate. World Gate engram location
Druid engram Druid Shared Knowledge Found in the church building north-east of the god statue in Burthorpe, on top of the altar (it's very small on the corner of the altar). Druid engram location
Balance Elemental engram Balance Elemental Abyssal Transit Found inside the centre standing stone, north of Falador, east of the lodestone. Balance Elemental engram location
Sheep engram Sheep Wisp Herder Found on the table of Fred the Farmer's house in northern Lumbridge. Sheep engram location
Time engram Time Sempiternal Souvenirs Found on the south side of Glarial's tombstone, north-west of the Fishing Guild, under a bush at the base of a tree. Time engram location
Fairy engram Fairy Fairy Fire Found under the mushrooms by the sand pit, east of the wheat field in Zanaris. Fairy engram location
Gnome engram Gnome Argento's Kindness Found in the south central dead end of the Gnome Maze. If entering from the south eastern entrance (near Fight Arena pub), the engram can be seen over the wall and clicking on it should be able to path you there. The path will take you northwest and then back south. Gnome engram location
Stone of Jas engram Stone of Jas Stored Power Found on a shelf on the northern wall of the Fist of Guthix cave. Stone of Jas engram location


The following table lists the number of strands and the number and type of energy required to charge each engram at each of the prestige levels. Energies are tradeable and can be purchased, so the level required to gather them is not needed. A free way to gather the energy required, if a player is willing to take some risks, is to gather cursed energy and transmute it into what is needed. After prestige 3, the amount of energy and number of strands required stays the same.

Engram Energy type Prestige 1 Prestige 2 Prestige 3+ Total
Strands Energy Cost Strands Energy Cost Strands Energy Cost Strands Energy Cost
Naragi engram Naragi Pale energy 1000 Pale 80 500 34,000 112 700 47,600 144 900 61,200 336 2,100 142,800
Elder Sword engram Elder Sword Flickering energy 1000 Flickering 100 400 49,200 140 560 68,880 180 720 88,560 420 1,680 206,640
Sword of Edicts engram Sword of Edicts Bright energy 1000 Bright 120 450 55,800 168 630 78,120 216 810 100,440 504 1,890 234,360
Guardians of Guthix engram Guardians of Guthix Glowing energy 1000 Glowing 140 500 59,000 196 700 82,600 252 900 106,200 588 2,100 247,800
World Gate engram World Gate Sparkling energy 1000 Sparkling 160 400 47,600 224 560 66,640 288 720 85,680 672 1,680 199,920
Druid engram Druid Gleaming energy 1000 Gleaming 180 350 30,450 252 490 42,630 324 630 54,810 756 1,470 127,890
Balance Elemental engram Balance Elemental Vibrant energy 1000 Vibrant 200 500 53,500 280 700 74,900 360 900 96,300 840 2,100 224,700
Sheep engram Sheep Lustrous energy 1000 Lustrous 220 300 30,000 308 420 42,000 396 540 54,000 924 1,260 126,000
Time engram Time Brilliant energy 1000 Brilliant 240 250 31,500 336 350 44,100 432 450 56,700 1,008 1,050 132,300
Fairy engram Fairy Radiant energy 1000 Radiant 260 300 41,100 364 420 57,540 468 540 73,980 1,092 1,260 172,620
Gnome engram Gnome Luminous energy 1000 Luminous 280 250 38,500 392 350 53,900 504 450 69,300 1,176 1,050 161,700
Stone of Jas engram Stone of Jas Incandescent energy 1000 Incandescent 300 150 36,150 420 210 50,610 540 270 65,070 1,260 630 151,830
Total 2,280 strands 4350 518,700 3,192 strands 6090 709,520 4,104 strands 7830 912,240 9,576 strands 18270 2,128,560


Memorial to Guthix complete

A completed memorial after one prestige.

Upon adding echoes players gain some Divination experience and unlock one of twelve buffs. Initially they're able to activate one and change it with the weekly reset, upon adding an echo for the first time or upon rising up in prestige.

Prestige Number of bonus or passive effects
After charging first engram 1
1 2
2 3
3 4
4+ 5 [1]

After adding all echoes players can reset their progress by right clicking the fountain of energy and selecting prestige, rising up in prestige and starting over. By doing this, they can activate progressively more buffs. A player may only have up to 5 buffs active at once even if they continue to prestige past the fourth prestige. All the buffs remain unlocked even after the player has reset their progress, any buffs active at the time of prestige will remain active. All engrams must be re-obtained from their hiding places, they are not returned to your inventory or bank.

Benefit Description
Harmony of Naragun Guthixian butterflies will spawn instead of chronicles. This does not affect elder chronicles.
Time-worn Memories The experience from converting memories inside Daemonheim is quadrupled.
Decree of Mortality Checking Hunting traps has a chance to yield Memory Shards. Memory shards can be transmuted into Divine energy products.
Guardian of Life Planting seeds has a chance to yield Memory Shards. Memory shards can be transmuted into Divine energy products.
Ethereal Connection The duration of Divination springs is increased.
Shared Knowledge Divine locations will grant you 125% experience but yield no items.
Abyssal Transit Chronicles can now be offered from your inventory. This also affects elder chronicles. Upon completion of The World Wakes experience is gained as if they were turned in at the Guthix cave.
Wisp Herder Converting memories has a small chance to spawn an additional wisp.
Sempiternal Souvenirs Pickpocketing now has a chance to yield Memory Shards. Memory shards can be transmuted into Divine energy products.
Fairy Fire Fire spirits from firemaking are upgraded to divine fire spirits, granting Divination experience, divine energy, and divine energy products.
Argento's Kindness Divine eggs may appear instead of bird's nests while woodcutting, granting Divination experience, divine energy, and divine energy products.
Stored Power The benefits from fully completing a Guthixian Cache will be bottled for later use


Each prestige boosts the rate at which players can acquire memory strands as well as unlocks increasingly ornate butterfly wing overrides. The boost to strands caps at five prestige cycles. Players also unlocks echo wings overrides; glowing, lustrous, and incandescent for the first, second, and third prestiges, respectively.

After the first prestige, players may give extra memory strands to Orla Fairweather in batches of 1,000 for the Divination experience equivalent to a medium experience lamp. In addition, the teleport option for memory strands and charged engrams will teleport you directly to the butterfly statue instead of outside the memorial entrance.

Players wanting to achieve the most experience per memory strand should continue to prestige rather than turning in extra memory strands for experience. Doing so will cost the player the same amounts of energies and strands as third prestige but give approximately 45,000 more experience (at level 99) than a player would receive by turning in 10,000 memory strands. This method will give more experience in less time at the cost of the energies and a few minutes gathering engrams.

After completing the distraction and diversion for the first time, Orla will reward the player with 1,000 memory strands. Additionally, 1,000 can be claimed after reaching level 99 in Divination, another 1,000 after reaching virtual level 120, and the final 1,000 after reaching 200,000,000 Divination experience, adding up to a total of 4,000 memory strands. All available rewards are claimed at once.



  • The butterflies and rabbits found in and around the memorial are named and have unique examines.
  • Currently after each prestige level the echoes have a new appearance:
    • Before prestige 1: Blue
    • After prestige 1: Green
    • After prestige 2: Gold
  • Prior to the release of the Deathbeard's Demise event, players could teleport directly to the memorial by using any of the event noticeboards found around RuneScape.
  • After an update on 16 January 2017, the bank chest was moved from the memorial entrance into the memorial, possibly because of it being too close to a very accessible teleport location.
  • The maximum possible prestige is 250.[2]


  1. ^ Recovering data for the Memory-storage bot (Aagi) in the Hall of Memories will allow for an additional bonus or passive effect to be active, up to 5.
  2. ^ Jagex. Mod Manti's Twitter account. 28 March 2017.