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Melee instructor
Release date 27 September 2006 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC No
Location Lumbridge
Sells items Defence cape
Gender Male
Examine Harlan, master of defence.
Harlan location
Harlan chathead

Harlan (previously named Melee instructor) is an assistant of Lady Deathknell. He can be found in Lumbridge in the Combat Academy, located north of Lumbridge Fishing Supplies shop. As the master of Defence, he sells the Defence cape and hood for 99,000 coins to members who have achieved skill mastery in Defence, and the Master defence cape for 120,000 coins to those who have achieved 104,273,167 experience in the skill.

He used to give new players a training sword and a training shield to those who asked for it, but this feature was removed on 17 September 2009.[1]

Boss assistanceEdit

Harlan keeps track of the amount of training points a player has. A training point is awarded to players in a non-practice mode fight against a boss where those players have 10 or more kills and fight alongside other players who have fewer than 10 kills on the boss being fought. To be awarded a training point, the players who have fewer than 10 kills must be in the top 15 players whom have done the most damage to the boss. The Boss Assistance system awards players three rewards.




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