Al Kharid map

Al Kharid, the area where the Mehkmets lived.

The Mehkmets are apparently a people who live in the city of Al Kharid, or possibly in the desert area around it. Little is known of their culture or society, as they do not appear in the game of RuneScape. However, according to the god Saradomin, in issue 1 of the God Letters[1], notes that they favour the practice of cutting out the tongues of people who have wronged them.

Having abused the gift of speech, those brash youths are rewarded by having their tongue removed, a practice still favoured by the Mehkmets of Al Kharid.
Saradomin, on players who abuse the rules

Saradomin was, at the time, speaking of players who abused the rules of RuneScape, and the "cutting out their tongues" is a metaphor for player receiving a mute from Jagex after abusing other players verbally. It is therefore unknown whether the Mehkmets actually exist, or whether they are just a metaphor mentioned by Saradomin. It is possible, also, that they no longer dwell in Al Kharid, and Saradomin may have been talking about a civilisation that existed in the Third or Second Age, when Saradomin would have walked the land.

References Edit

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