For the pet version, see Mega ducklings.
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Mega Duck is a mallard who has received too many breadcrumbs, becoming massive in the process. He is created when a drake in Falador Park or Lumbridge is fed 21 breadcrumbs within 20 seconds by at least 4 players.

By attacking him, he can be lured anywhere in the game that is not blocked by physical boundaries, and if brought to the ocean by Mobilising Armies, he swims off into the sunset with another gigantic duck, Mrs Duck. Luring Mega Duck to Mrs Duck also gives a 1 in 20 chance of receiving the Mega ducklings pet.[1]

He has an extremely high number of life points and uses weak melee attacks. As his life points are reduced, his Defence rises significantly, and at under 1000 LP, all attacks will deal one point of damage.


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