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Medium meteorite detail

Medium meteorite is an item that can be won through Treasure Hunter as part of the Meteor Storm promotion added on 21 January 2016 or the 2016 Christmas Advent Calendar. When used it will give 33% more experience in a chosen skill than a medium prismatic lamp, or 100% more if the skill chosen is one of the player's five lowest skills. If the player's Dungeoneering, Invention, and/or Slayer level is less than 120 those will count as lower than any level 99 skill.

Release historyEdit

Meteor Storm
Start Date End Date Update/Promo
11 July 2017 2nd Chance Tuesday
14 June 2017 19 June 2017 Meteor Storm - Up to 100 more than lamps & stars
12 January 2017 16 January 2017 Meteor Storm - Up to +100% XP
16 August 2016 2nd Chance Tuesday
7 July 2016 11 July 2016 Treasure Hunter - Meteor Storm (July 2016)
21 January 2016 25 January 2016 Treasure Hunter - Meteor Storm
6 March 2015 9 March 2015 Treasure Hunter – Meteor Storm
6 November 2014 11 November 2014 Treasure Hunter – Meteor Storm (2014)


  • Before an update on 12 January 2017 the experience boosts were 25% and 75%.
  • On the day of release the lowest seven skills got the 75% boost, presumably due to a bug.
Space dust interface

The reward interface of meteorites, with the lowest levelled skills highlighted

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