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Meat pie detail

A Meat pie is a pie that requires two bites to be fully consumed, thus giving players a bit more health than other foods. Eating a meat pie produces a half a meat pie, and each half heals 250 life points. Cooking a meat pie yields 110 cooking experience, or 140 if cooking the meat yourself.

Meat pies can be obtained from looting implings, as drop from a Lumbridge guard behind Lumbridge Castle, or bought at the Forester's Arms (a pub located in Seers' Village) for 16 coins by talking to the bartender. Half a meat pie can sometimes be found inside barrels. Upon completing the quest Let Them Eat Pie, the player receives 5 meat pies as a reward.

Cooking a meat pieEdit

To make pie, players need to mix flour and water together to make some pastry dough. Players then need to use the dough with a pie dish. Then, the player can put in extra ingredients to make them heal more, such as meat to make a meat pie. When they are finished putting in the ingredients, the pie can then be baked either on a range or using the lunar spell Bake Pie. Any meat, regardless of the beast it came from, will make a meat pie. You need a cooking level of 20 to make a meat pie, but it would be best to wait until level 32 cooking as you can then access the cooking guild, where you can cook these much more efficiently.

Tools/Utensils Pie dish
Ingredients Cooked meat or cooked chicken, Flour, Water
Cooking-icon Level 20
Level at which it stops burning Unknown edit
Cooking-icon Experience 110; 140 if cooking meat
Range Only? Yes
Instructions To make Meat pie:
  1. Use Flour > Water (becomes Pastry dough)
  2. Use Pastry dough > Pie dish (becomes a Pie shell)
  3. Use Cooked meat or cooked chicken > Pie shell (becomes Uncooked meat pie)
  4. Cook on a range (Use Uncooked meat pie > Range). Will either become a meat pie (edible), or burnt pie (non-edible; can be emptied to reuse pie dish).

Dropping monstersEdit

Meat pieEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Lumbridge guard3; 41; 2Uncommon

Half a meat pieEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Elite Khazard guard951Rare
Zombie13; 18; 24; 25; 30; 32; 40; 44; 53; 78; 851Very rare


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