This article is about the NPC found on Tutorial Island. For the NPC found in the Cooks' Guild, see Head Chef.

The Master chef (real name is Lev) was the third non-player character players met in RuneScape. He lived on Tutorial Island. He taught new players how to cook more like a real chef, and how the music player works.

Until the point in the tutorial when new players meet the master chef, the only thing they would have cooked is shrimps on a log fire. He taught new players how to bake bread by combining a flour with water to make bread dough, and then baking it in a range.

He disappeared when Tutorial sank. He returned during Beneath Cursed Tides when it was revealed that all inhabitants of the island were cursed and morphed into sea creatures. During the quest the player has to do his task and the tasks of other instructors to break their curse.