A Master cape of Accomplishment (more commonly known as a master skillcape among players) is a cape that symbolises reaching level 120 in a skill, at 104,273,167 experience (80,618,654 experience for Elite skills). With the exception of Dungeoneering, Invention, and Slayer, this is a virtual level, and the skill itself will remain at 99. The Master Capes of Accomplishment share the same stats and emotes as their 99 counterparts.

These Capes of Accomplishment cost 120,000 coins, and are obtainable from the same NPCs as the regular skillcapes. The NPC is located in a place related to his/her skill. These capes can only be bought and equipped on a members' server, but once equipped they may be worn on non-members servers (minus the stat adjustments, emote of that cape CAN also be performed). However, if the cape represents a member's skill and is keepsaked, it will not appear on non-members servers saying you no longer have the requirements to wear it.

Equipment bonusesEdit

All Master capes of Accomplishment provide the same stat bonuses.

Combat Stats
RequirementsHerblore master cape equipped
120 of the respective skill
CombatSwords AllCape slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour33PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


Main article: Skillcape (emote)

Each cape comes with a special emote that can only be performed while wearing the master cape. The emotes are meant to represent the cape's respective skills. This emote is the same one as used on the master cape's respective skillcape, with the exception of the Dungeoneering and Slayer master cape, which have a unique emote[1].

List of Capes of AccomplishmentEdit

Skill Skillcape Image Location Seller # of 120s[2]
Agility Agility master cape Agility master cape equipped Brimhaven Agility Arena Cap'n Izzy No-Beard 1,883
Attack Attack master cape Attack master cape equipped Warriors' Guild Ajjat 7,347
Constitution Constitution master cape Constitution master cape equipped Duel Arena Surgeon General Tafani 14,667
Construction Construction master cape Construction master cape equipped Varrock, Falador, Seers' Village, Ardougne Any Estate agent 1,504
Cooking Cooking master cape Cooking master cape equipped Cooks' Guild Head chef 3,997
Crafting Crafting master cape Crafting master cape equipped Crafting Guild Master Crafter 1,855
Defence Defence master cape Defence master cape equipped Lumbridge Harlan 14,786
Divination Divination master cape Divination master cape equipped South of Draynor Village Orla Fairweather 1,908
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering master cape Dungeoneering master cape equipped South of Daemonheim Thok, Master of Dungeoneering 34,265
Farming Farming master cape Farming master cape equipped Draynor Village Martin the Master Gardener 2,902
Firemaking Firemaking master cape Firemaking master cape equipped Forest south of Seers' Village Ignatius Vulcan 6,883
Fishing Fishing master cape Fishing master cape equipped Fishing Guild Master fisher 6,188
Fletching Fletching master cape Fletching master cape equipped Catherby Hickton 2,793
Herblore Herblore master cape Herblore master cape equipped Taverley Kaqemeex 3,936
Invention Invention master cape Invention master cape equipped Invention Guild Doc 28,609
Hunter Hunter master cape Hunter master cape equipped Feldip Hills Hunting expert 2,174
Magic Magic master cape Magic master cape equipped Wizards' Guild Robe Store Owner 12,596
Mining Mining master cape Mining master cape equipped Mining Guild (Falador entrance) Dwarf (at guild entrance) 6,127
Prayer Prayer master cape Prayer master cape equipped Monastery of Saradomin Brother Jered 2,714
Ranged Ranging master cape Ranged master cape equipped Ranging Guild Armour salesman 11,868
Runecrafting Runecraft master cape Runecrafting master cape equipped Runecrafting Guild Larriar 1,494
Slayer Slayer master cape Slayer master cape equipped Kuradal's Dungeon Kuradal 8,388
Smithing Smithing master cape Smithing master cape equipped Mudskipper Point Thurgo 2,610
Strength Strength master cape Strength master cape equipped Warriors' Guild Sloane/Yadech Strongarm 6,632
Summoning Summoning master cape Summoning master cape equipped Taverley Pikkupstix 5,774
Thieving Thieving master cape Thieving master cape equipped Rogues' Den Martin Thwait 10,140
Woodcutting Woodcutting master cape Woodcutting master cape equipped Forest north of Falador Wilfred 2,598
Quest icon fixed Master quest cape Master quest cape equipped Varrock Museum ground floor Curator Haig Halen 693



  1. ^ Mod Oliver. "Master Cape Poll - FAQ." 25 Feb 2014. RuneScape Forums. Would there be new emotes for each of the Master capes?

    No; there would not be new emotes with the capes, they would be released with the ability to perform the related 99 skillcape emote.

  2. ^ This is the number of people currently on the hiscores with the required experience for level 120 in a skill, both members and non-members.

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