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Master Crafter
Master Crafter
Release date 27 February 2002 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC No
Location Crafting Guild
Sells items Crafting cape
Gender Male
  • Eldest: He is in charge of the Crafting Guild.
  • Mid-age: He works in the Crafting Guild.
  • Youngest: He wanders around the Crafting Guild pretending to be working.

Notable features All three crafters wear white aprons. The eldest crafter wears the Crafting cape.
Master Crafter chathead

The Master Crafter is the owner of the Crafting Guild. He teaches many advanced crafters how to use the facilities within the guild, such as the mines, the potter's wheels, and the pottery furnaces.

The eldest Master Crafter is the master of Crafting, and wears the Crafting cape. This crafter sells the Crafting cape to members with level 99 in Crafting for 99,000 coins. He will also exchange gem focuses, Metal settings, and Leather cases for one of the other two parts.

Alongside him in the guild are a couple of other Master Crafters who do not wear the Crafting cape, yet they are believed to work for the one with the Crafting cape. The youngest Master Crafter tends to be rude to players when he is talked to.

Before the requirement of a Brown apron to enter was removed, he hypocritically told players that only the one with brown apron may enter the guild, and yet him and his fellow Master Crafters wear White aprons instead.

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