For the World 111 glitch, see Falador Massacre.
For the Fight Pits glitch, see TzHaar Fight Pit massacre.
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Attack
Level 66
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment Dual
Cooldown 60 seconds
Rend your target, dealing up to 188% of both weapons[sic] damage instantly and causing an additional 313% of weapon damage over 6 seconds.
Click animation for full size

Massacre is an ultimate Attack ability found in the Ability Book. It requires level 66 Attack and for the player to be dual wielding weapons. It has a cooldown time of 60 seconds. When activated, the player deals 37.6-188% of ability damage to their target and causes the target to take additional damage over 6 seconds, dealing 5 hits that total to 313.33% of ability damage.

The ranged equivalent of this ability is Deadshot; however Deadshot does not require the player to dual wield weapons and is unlocked at a much lower level, and additionally only has 30 seconds cooldown instead of 60 seconds.

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