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Mask may refer to:


  • Ancient ceremonial mask - the headgear of the ancient ceremonial robes set
  • Black mask - an item which gives melee bonuses against Slayer monsters or monsters assigned as Slayer tasks
  • Facemask - a piece of protective Slayer equipment
  • Masked earmuffs - Slayer item created by combining a facemask and earmuffs
  • Sirenic mask - the headgear of the sirenic armour set
  • Tectonic mask - the headgear of the tectonic armour set
  • Tribal masks (also known as broodoo masks) - a set of three masks dropped by the three types of broodoo victims during the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame
  • Virtus mask - the headgear of the Virtus equipment set


  • Buskin mask - obtained as a reward from Deathcon II
  • Butterfly mask - given out during the Tribute to Guthix event
  • Egg on face mask - a reward from the 2012 Easter Event
  • Hallowe'en masks - a set of discontinued holiday items dropped during the 2002 Hallowe'en event
  • Jack lantern mask - a discontinued holiday item which could have been earned as a reward during the 2006 Hallowe'en event
  • Skeleton mask - a reward from the 2006 Hallowe'en event
  • Skull mask - a reward for the temporary holiday event Festival of the Dead
  • Sock mask - obtained as a reward from Deathcon II



  • Black ibis mask - a reward from the Pyramid Plunder minigame
  • Factory mask - a reward from the Flash Powder Factory minigame
  • Gorilla mask - a reward from The Pit Distraction and Diversion
  • Rogue mask - a mask which is a piece of the set of Rogue equipment which may be obtained as a rare drop from the Flash Powder Factory minigame
  • Witchdoctor mask - obtained from Herblore Habitat


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