For other people named Mary, see Mary (disambiguation).
Release date 24 July 2007 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC King's Ransom
Location(s) Sinclair Mansion
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine She looks very nervous...
Mary location
Mary chathead

Mary is the maid of Lord Sinclair and his family at Sinclair Mansion. She discovered the master's body when she brought him his dinner.[1] During the investigation, she suspected Frank as she'd heard him arguing with his father.[2] She dislikes the Sinclair Guard dog.[3]

When Anna was arrested and tried for the murder, Mary was called as a witness. She stated that she saw one of the male Sinclairs leave the crime scene and couldn't provide any evidence that proved Anna did the crime.


  1. ^ Guard, "Murder Mystery", RuneScape. "Well, it's all very mysterious. Mary, the maid, found the body in the study next to his bedroom on the east wing of the ground floor."
  2. ^ Mary, "Murder Mystery", RuneScape. "Oh I don't know... Frank was acting kind of funny... After that big argument him and the Lord had the other day by the beehive... so I guess maybe him..."
  3. ^ Mary, "Murder Mystery", RuneScape. "Oh that horrible dog is always barking at nothing but I don't think I did..."

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