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Herb seed detail

Marrentill seeds can be planted in a herb patch in order to produce grimy marrentills. This requires a Farming level of 14.

Marrentill seeds may be bought from the Vinesweeper minigame for 10 points each.

Marrentill seed
Farming level 14
Patch Herb
Payment N/A
Time 80 minutes (4x20 minutes)
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 13.5
Harvesting 15
Crop Grimy marrentill
Yield[?] Unknown edit

The following table shows the profit yield, assuming all the herbs and seeds are purchased/sold at the Grand Exchange, for the guide price. If the herb dies, you will lose -17 coins.

Herb yield Profit/loss (Grimy) Profit/loss (Clean) Herb yield Profit/loss (Grimy) Profit/loss (Clean)
1 261 162 7 1,929 1,236
2 539 341 8 2,207 1,415
3 817 520 9 2,485 1,594
4 1,095 699 10 2,763 1,773
5 1,373 878 11 3,041 1,952
6 1,651 1,057 12 3,319 2,131

Supercompost yields a minimum of 5 herbs.

Stage Description Image
Healthy Marrentill plant
1 The seed has only just been planted. GreenHerb1
2 The herb is now ankle height. GreenHerb2
3 The herb is now knee height. GreenHerb3
4 The herb is now mid-thigh height. GreenHerb4
5 The herb is fully grown and ready to harvest. GreenHerb5

This herb plant, like all others herb plants, does not require watering and will grow on its own.


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Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Ankou60; 61; 631Uncommon
Ankou (elite)721Uncommon
Chaos Elemental3051–3Common
Chaos dwogre92; 981Common
Cockroach soldier361Rare
Cyclops 57; 63; 68; 911Unknown
Dagannoth guardian981Uncommon
Dust devil851Common
Earth warrior781Common
Earth warrior (elite)881Common
Enclave guard811Common
Exiled kalphite soldier841Uncommon
Feral vampyre611Uncommon
Fungal mage811Uncommon
Ganodermic runt1121Uncommon
Giant Sea Snake631Unknown
Giant ant soldier701Common
Giant rock crab951Uncommon
Hobgoblin28; 30; 32; 35; 911Uncommon
Hobgoblin (elite)411Uncommon
Ice giant511Common
Ice strykewyrm1061Rare
Ice troll female681Common
Ice troll grunt681Common
Ice troll male681Unknown
Jelly 63; 681Common
Jogre57; 861Common
Jungle strykewyrm931Uncommon
Magical chestN/A3–10Varies
Master FarmerN/A1Common
Moss giant 28; 51; 611Common
Mountain troll751Common
Mutated jadinko baby931Uncommon
Mutated jadinko guard961Common
Mutated jadinko male1001Common
Ogre 56; 67; 861Uncommon
Ogre chieftain811Rare
Ravenous ghoul1051Common
Sea Snake Young631Common
Skeletal Wyvern1091Uncommon
Skeleton fremennik23; 28; 301Uncommon
Terror dog 61; 651Uncommon
Thrower Troll771Rare