Marker plant
Marker plant
Release date 15 July 2009 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Varies
Examine Someone grew this plant to mark the spot.

Marker plants are items created from Marker seeds, which are used to point directions in races, or places to go for clans. They are commonly used by players to interfere with macroers as their presence can cause a mis-click if placed strategically. They are sold by Faruq in Al Kharid. Marker plants cannot be placed within bank healing areas or the Combat Academy in Lumbridge.

Each plant will last for six minutes, and there must be a 30-second waiting period between each plant grown. Planters must also be at least 10 spaces away from the nearest plant in order to plant a new one. But you can plant 2 or more at the same time if the player right clicks the marker seeds and plants them in a direction(north,east,south,west) and pauses, waiting for the other player to plant and then plant theirs. If planting fails, players still need to wait 30 seconds to plant again.

Nine variations (two main) of marker plants can be found. The first main variation is those without pointer leaves. The other variation consists of plank with pointer leaf, pointing to the four general directions (east, south, west and north) and four sub-directions. Players can examine them to find which way they are pointing to.

Plants are removed when one of the following conditions are met:

  • They are pulled up by the player who planted them.
  • They are pulled up by a member of their clan ranked captain or higher.
  • Six minutes have elapsed.
  • The player logs out.


  • Pull-up: If it is someone else's plant: You do not have permission to pull up the plant.

Wilderness applicationsEdit

Many rushers and PKers in the wilderness will use these plants to hide their equipment and their risk, making them less attractive targets and allowing them to attack without being seen. Standing in the same tile as a normal Marker Plant does not hide the player and instead shows the player over the plant. If the plant is a directional plant then the plant will be shown above any player, allowing players to disappear "beneath" the plant. These are often utilised by players who will cast a spell such as Ice Blitz then stop attacking causing the player to be unable to retaliate and not know where the attack came from.

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