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Mark Ogilvie
Mark Ogilvie
Employer Jagex
Occupation Head content designer of RuneScape

Mark Ogilvie, also known as Mod Mark, is a Jagex Moderator and the head content designer for RuneScape.[1][2] He created and wrote the dialogue for Bob the Jagex Cat, and he also wrote the dialogue of Hellcats.[source needed]

In 2004, he appeared in the tenth episode in season 12 of Bargain Hunt, a television programme in which two teams are challenged to buy antiques and sell them at an auction for money. In 2009, he stated this experience may have inspired the RuneScape non-player character Simon Templeton.[3]


  • He has a friends chat which is frequently busy and was used to gather opinions on updates by Jagex.
  • He voices Ezekial Lovecraft and Morningstar.


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