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Mark I
Release date 28 April 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Thieves Guild
Examine It is designed for maximum pocket size and minimum observancy.

The Mark I is a Thieving dummy situated in the Thieves Guild in Lumbridge. Players with a certain level in thieving will not receive any experience from this training device. After the caper A Guild of Our Own is completed a player can pickpocket the Mark I to teach Darren Lightfinger their skills and earn 2,000 thieving experience for doing so, one of the actions required for the Master quest cape.


  • When pickpocketing the dummy, the player will receive comments or thieving tips such as "It's the eye of the Kyatt, it's the will of the heist", a reference to the Survivor song "Eye of the Tiger".

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