Release date 15 December 2009 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC Vampyre Slayer
Location(s) 1st2nd floor[UK] of Morgan's house in Draynor Village
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine She's married to Morgan.
Morgan location
Maris chathead

Maris is the wife of the Saradominist missionary Morgan. They recently moved to Draynor Village,[1] and have since been terrorised by the local vampyre Count Draynor.[2] Upon her husband's insistence, they have been searching for a Vampyre Slayer to deal with the Count.[3]

Morgan insists on keeping garlic close at hand, which displeases her as it makes him stink, so she hides it when she can.[4]


  • Before 15 December 2009, Maris was a generic level 2 woman assumed by many players to be Morgan's wife. This was confirmed when she was updated.
  • In Runescape Classic, there was a level 2 man where she is located now.
  • After Draynor Village was graphically updated, she was replaced by an NPC named "Morgan's Wife". She has since been re-added.


  1. ^ Morgan, "Vampyre Slayer", RuneScape. "I don't know. I just moved here with my wife. We'd move on again, but we're down on our luck and can't afford to. Besides, I don't want to abandon other innocents to this fate. This could be a good community, if only that vampyre would leave us."
  2. ^ Morgan, "Vampyre Slayer", RuneScape. "Our village is plagued by a vampyre. He visits us frequently and demands blood payments or he will terrorise us all!"
  3. ^ Miss Schism, "Vampyre Slayer", RuneScape. "Well, that new couple, Morgan and Maris, they think we should find a vampyre slayer, but I'm not sure I trust them. They aren't local."
  4. ^ Maris, "Vampyre Slayer", RuneScape. "What an odd question! Morgan always tries to carry some [garlic] on him, but it makes him stink, so I hide it. I can't remember where I've put it, but it's somewhere in the house. Feel free to look around."