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Marigold seed detail

A Marigold seed is used in the Farming skill to grow Marigolds. They can be planted in a flower patch, and requires level 2 Farming. When fully grown, it protects potatoes, onions, and tomatoes from disease. The value of one Marigold seed in Mobilising Armies is 17 Investment Credits.

A nearby gardener will not watch over your growing marigolds.

Seeds can be purchased from Olivia's Draynor Seed Market for 84 coins. It is also a common Thieving item from Olivia's seed stall with a Thieving level 27, and it is also possible to pickpocket it from Master Farmers with level 38 Thieving.

It is a good idea to watch this patch frequently, as it gets diseased often.

Stage Description Image
Healthy Marigold plant
1 The seeds have only just been planted. Marigold1
2 The marigold plants have developed leaves. Marigold2
3 The marigold plants have begun to grow their flowers. The new flowers are orange and small at first. Marigold3
4 The marigold plants are larger, and more developed in their petals. Marigold4
5 The marigold plants are ready to harvest. Their flowers are fully matured. Marigold5

Dropping monsters Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Mutated zygomite941Rare
Tortoise66; 68; 721Rare

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