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Mariah chathead

Mariah is a woman that you need to talk to during the quest Quiet Before the Swarm.

Mariah's boyfriend's name was Mikhal. Mikhal died while the void knights were coming over to the mainland to investigate the pest.

Players witness the death of Mikhal through a cutscene where players play as Korasi. Mariah thought that Mikhal was planning to break up with her, but really he was trying to get a promotion to buy Mariah a gift. Then he was going to ask her to marry him. Mikhal thought that his best friend Terry Gord was trying to steal Mariah away. Also, Mikhal notes that he saw Mariah over at Terry's house. Mariah notes that nothing was going on with them and that they just talk. She also admits she still loves Mikhal.

After the quest Mariah is seen crying when you talk to her she will say..."He's dead! He's dead! My Mikhal is dead!" The player then suggests she go back to the mainland and see some family, but she dismisses this suggestion, adding, "And leave his grave? Never! I'm going to stay here with him."

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