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Marble incense burners are pieces of furniture that can be built in the Chapel of a player-owned house through the Construction skill. Note that though marble burners require the highest level to construct, all three types of incense burners — Oak, Mahogany, and Marble — all yield the same experience bonus and remain lit for the same amount of time.

Lit incense burners improve Prayer experience gained when using bones or demon ashes with the altar in the room by an additional 50% per burner.

The player must have a tinderbox (tool belt works) or Dwarven Army Axe and a Clean marrentill to light a burner; for the maximum Prayer bonus, both burners have to be lit, requiring two marrentills.

The burners burn for 2 minutes and 10 seconds before they burn out. If there are no other people in the player's house, they will not stay lit.

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