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Classic Runestone
Maple tree
Maple tree
Members only? No
Logs Maple logs (23 coins)
Farming level 45
Examine I bet this makes good syrup!

Maple trees are trees that can be cut down with level 45 Woodcutting, giving the player 100 woodcutting experience per maple log. On Miscellania, however, cutting maple trees raises popularity and only gives 0.1 experience. With the release of the Bonfires update they have become extremely popular due to their low price and high experience per hour.

Many players cut maple trees in order to reach level 60, when they can then cut yew trees. Free players can only chop maple trees at the Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon. It is also used for firemaking and to level up quickly in free to play.


Seers' Village is a popular location for cutting these trees because they can be found both behind and in front of the bank, making for a quick trip to store the logs obtained. A player gets 100 experience per maple log. This is increased to 110 woodcutting experience per log if they have a Seers' headband 2 or higher equipped.

Maple tree old

A less popular location is on woodcutting island on Daemonheim (30 Dungeoneering is required to get there). It is the only place that free players can cut the trees. There are quite a lot of maple trees there and also a few willow trees. The area is normally not crowded. The most efficient way to bank the logs is to use the ring of kinship to teleport to Daemonheim and then run back to the mysterious entrance. There is also a ship nearby that can sail to Al Kharid where there is a bank near the dock.


Farming Edit

Main article: Maple seed

Maple seeds may be grown into a Maple tree, which gives Maple logs when harvesting it with a hatchet. A fully grown and healthy maple tree will give 3,403.4 farming exp. When cut down, the tree will automatically regrow after a period of time. Alternatively, it can be dug up using a spade, yielding some Maple roots in the process. Pay the farmer one basket of oranges to watch the tree.



A maple tree in RuneScape Classic

  • Before the Dungeoneering update on 19 July 2010, maple trees could only be cut on a members world, despite maple logs not being a members-only item. Free players could only obtain maple logs by buying them from members.
  • When a player chops down a maple tree in Runescape HD, the tree stump appears similar to its low detail counterpart.
  • This tree's examine text is a reference to the sap obtained from Maple trees that is used make syrup in real life.
  • Previously, Maple trees looked like Yew trees, but with red-orange leaves.
  • Maple trees received a graphical update on 17 August 2011. The new look could only be seen on the Daemonheim Woodcutting Island or player-grown trees, however.
  • After the 6 March 2012 update for the gnome lands, the wood-bearing tree patches that were planted in the area were glitched.
  • On 20 March 2012, all Maple trees were graphically updated except for ones that were planted in Player-owned houses.
  • Until the release of Elder and Crystal trees, maple trees were marked on the map with the "rare tree" symbol.
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