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Maple shieldbow (u) detail

A Maple shieldbow (u) (was known as Maple Longbow (u) ) is cut from maple logs at level 55 Fletching, granting 58.3 experience. It can be strung to make a maple shieldbow by using a bowstring at 55 Fletching, granting an additional 58.2 experience for a total of 116.5 for a single bow. This item used to be used for junk trading until the Free Trade update let the Grand Exchange price drop and is now a common item used for High Level Alchemy. They are also common drops in the Falador Party Room.


  • A full inventory of maple logs gives 1632.4 (1681.4 or 1730.34 with avatar) experience when fletched into maple shieldbows (u).
  • At level 55 Fletching, making this item is the ideal way to train the Fletching skill while earning money. Maple logs cost 72 coins in GE, while maple shieldbow (u) can be sold for 97 coins in the Grand Exchange. It is also possible to use the High Alchemy spell to train Magic alongside Fletching.
  • This item can be invested in the activity Mobilising armies. Each piece is exchanged for 65 investment credits.
  • The amount of time need to completely fletch a full load of Maple shieldbows (u) is 50.4 seconds.
  • This item can be sold to a general store for 96 coins, making it good money for Ironmen accounts training Fletching.


Maple shieldbow (u) Maple shieldbow (u)
Fletching-Make-X GE icon
58.3 XP-97
Fletching Fletching level55
P2P icon Members onlyNo
Maple logsMaple logs17272

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Lesser reborn ranger681Uncommon


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