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Makeover mage logo

The Make-over Mage is a wizard with power over genders, located in the house outside the south-west corner of Falador and north of the Crafting Guild. The Photo Booth can be found east of their house. The manual describes them as "one of the strangest characters you might encounter", probably because they change gender frequently. The Makeover Mage plays a small, indirect role in two quests, namely Recruitment Drive and Land of the Goblins.

For free or by using the makeover voucher, they allow players to change their gender and skin tone. The options they give are to change their skin colour or their gender. By default, the options are set to the current gender and skin colour of player's character. Players who bought membership cards during the period of 20 October to 4 November 2011 received the ability to choose Green as a skin colour choice. (This change can also be made by talking to Diango in the Draynor marketplace.)

The Makeover Mage also sells Yin yang amulets. They are non-tradeable and offer no bonuses, but can be bought for 100 coins.

Several Sheep are located just outside of their house for shearing (players can spin the wool into a ball of wool at the Crafting Guild). There is also a frog in the abode, which can only be examined and serves no current purpose.

In issue 5 of Postbag from the Hedge (dated 28 March 2006), a player wrote to the Make-over Mage to ask what their name is. They replied with: "My name is Pete, or Peta, depending on my mood." The Makeover Mage used to give players the option to change their haircuts and clothes in RuneScape Classic, but these functions have now transferred to other NPCs. For haircuts, see the Hairdresser in Falador or use the Customisation interface. To change clothes, see Thessalia in Varrock. After completing The Fremennik Trials, members can change shoes at the clothing shop in Rellekka.

Makeover Mage house

The Make-over Mage's house.

Quest InvolvementsEdit

Makeover interface

The interface seen when changing your gender via the Make-over Mage.


  • The Make-over Mage, Sabreen, Beigarth, Prissy Scilla, Iona, Wizard Jalarast and the Oracle are the only non-general NPCs in RuneScape that have ever changed their gender, but only the mage does it knowingly.
  • On 25 August 2010, coinciding with an appearance update, four new skin colours were added to the mage's repertoire, allowing players to play as characters with even paler or darker skin tones.
  • It is possible for the make-over mage to change gender while you're talking to them. If this happens, their chathead will change when progressing to the next dialogue.
  • If a player has completed Recruitment Drive and uses a voucher received from the quest, the mage will act surprised that the voucher still exists since the service is now free.
  • The female chathead in the makeover interface has green eyes, which players don't have.

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