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General Khazard skeletal chathead
The Mahjarrat are a warlike race, originally from the realm of eternal warfare; Freneskae. They were brought to Gielinor by the desert god Icthlarin, but betrayed him and soon became Zaros's most powerful soldiers. Some Mahjarrat played a key role in supporting Zamorak when he betrayed Zaros, creating a schism between the race's Zamorak and Zaros loyalists. While their exact numbers remain unknown, they are each a powerful force on their own. They are immensely powerful mages, warriors and necromancers and are able to built up large following and even armies of human followers. Each 500 years, they attend to a Ritual in which one of their number is sacrificed so that the others can regain their powers. The current Mahjarrat are split in two factions: a Zamorakian one and a Zarosian one. Read more...
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16 April
  • Treasure Hunter – Easter Eggstravaganza — This weekend on Treasure Hunter, collect Easter eggs and use them to transform yourself into one of three adorable Easter critters! Read more...
  • RuneRadio - Mod Jane - 17th April, 17:00 BST — Tune into RuneRadio tomorrow for questions, chat and some rockin' beats from the lovely Mod Jane - Head of Community Management! Read more...
15 April
  • Around the Campfire Live Q&A – All Things Lore — Gather round the campfire to ask your questions about all things lore, featuring Mods Osborne, Raven, Stu and John A. Read more...
14 April
  • Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza — Spring is in the air in RuneScape, and there are monkeys, cabbages and XP-giving butterflies for all. Read more...
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17 April 2014
30 Bennath, Year 1, Sixth Age
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Assassin outfit
Lurks in the shadows, waiting for a moment to strike.
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