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Mahogany plank detail

Mahogany planks are the highest level planks used in the Construction skill. Making items with mahogany planks gives 140 Construction experience per plank used.


Mahogany planks are made by taking mahogany logs to the Sawmill operator near Varrock, Prifddinas or the Plank maker near Taverley. Converting mahogany logs into planks at the sawmill costs 1,500 coins per log.

Alternatively, the Lunar Magic spell Plank Make can be used (and can make a small profit depending on the Grand Exchange price), costing 1050 coins plus the price of runes (Equivalent to 1390 coins per log, or 1090 coins if using a Staff of earth or equivalent).

The planks may then be used to make furniture in a player-owned house. Mahogany planks are the most expensive of the four types of planks. Mahogany planks are also sometimes used to make flatpacks, which are then sold to people with low Construction levels, but the demand for such furniture is very low. Daily challenges however typically require furniture to be made as flatpacks, which in turn are exchanged for construction experience with a big bonus. The biggest demand for mahogany planks is from people power-training Construction by building and removing Flotsam prawnbrokers. You can see more info about the cost of experience using various planks here.

Making mahogany planksEdit

Via Sawmill operator/Plank maker:

  • Cost of mahogany log: 766.
  • Cost to make mahogany plank via sawmill: 1,500.
  • Mahogany plank sells for: 2,463.
  • Profit: 197
  • Profit/trip: 5,516

Via the Lunar Magic spell Plank Make:

  • Cost of mahogany log: 766.
  • Cost to make mahogany plank via Plank make: 1,050
  • Cost of runes (1 nature, 2 astral, earth staff): 1,090
  • Total cost: 2,906
  • Mahogany plank sells for: 2,463.
  • Profit: -443
  • Profit/inventory: -11,518

Via using Portable sawmills:

  • Cost of mahogany log: 766.
  • Cost to make mahogany plank via Portable sawmill: 1,350.
  • Mahogany plank sells for: 2,463.
  • Profit: 347
  • Profit/inventory: 9,716


Players can chop down mahogany trees using the Woodcutting skill, and there is a small chance of getting a special log. If players get 2 of these, they can exchange them for a completely free conversion of the logs in your inventory into planks. That means that construction could be completely free, just extremely time-consuming. This method is not recommended for players that can make more money elsewhere at a decent rate because of the lack of efficiency. However, the Special mahogany log page analyses the expected return on cutting Mahogany, which can be surprisingly high compared to other Woodcutting activities.

Players can also get mahogany planks as a reward from level 3 Treasure Trail Clue scrolls, a reward from the Dwarven instinct aura, a reward from opening mermaid purses in a POH Aquarium, or as reward from a Challenge Mystery Bag, acquired through Daily Challenges. It's also a possible drop from the Rare drop table.

Gp/Exp tableEdit

Item Profit (loss)/Gp Profit (loss)/Gp (w/ bonus experience)
Plank 17.59 gp/exp 8.8 gp/exp


Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Adventurer's chestN/A1–8Unknown
Casket (CS Week)N/A24Common
Falador resource bundleN/A1–6Unknown
Glowing crackerN/A10–25Common
Magical chestN/A3–10Varies
Nex: Angel of Death700043Uncommon
Rare drop tableN/A270–330Uncommon
Security Casket (CS Week)N/A24Common
Winter Weekends (2012)N/A40–100Uncommon

Disassembly Edit

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