A mahogany pet house is built in the Menagerie of a player owned house. It can hold up to 15 adult pets provided a Mahogany pet feeder is also present. If only a Oak pet feeder or Teak pet feeder is present, then the Mahogany pet house will only be able to store 3 or 6 pets respectively. If no pet feeder is present, then no pets can be stored in the pet house. The Mahogany pet house is built by upgrading an existing Teak pet house with 4 Mahogany planks and level 67 Construction. This is done by using the right-click "Upgrade" option while in Building mode. Thus, the total materials to make this pet house are 4 Oak planks, 4 Teak planks, and 4 Mahogany planks if building it from scratch.