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For the magical blastbox that used to be a reward, see Magical blastbox (reward).
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Magical blastbox detail

The magical blastbox is an ammo slot item that is used while Dungeoneering. It can be found as a drop from Forgotten mages. It requires level 30 Runecrafting and Magic to equip. The magical blastbox is equipped in the ammunition slot, and can be bound as an ammunition item.

It functions as a source of infinite air runes, similar to any air staff, but has the added bonus of being an ammunition slot item. This means that a player can cast any elemental air spell while having another weapon equipped. However, as wooden staves (e.g. the gravecreeper staff) substitute every elemental rune including air, if a player chooses to wield such a staff while maging, the blastbox (and similarly, the surgebox) are not necessary.

This item does not need to be charged in any way to gain its benefits. It offers no combat stats. It is equivalent to the celestial surgebox in that both substitute air runes, the only difference being cosmetic (and the surgebox having higher requirements to wield).

Combat StatsMagical blastbox equipped
Skill requirements
Magic MagicAmmo slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses

Dropping monsters Edit

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Forgotten mage23-25; 44-47; 33-36; 53-571Rare
Mysterious shade1; 2; 4; 10; 17; 25; 37; 50; 67; 90; 111; 1331Very rare


  • Before EoC, players would need to charge the blastbox with runes for Air Strike or Air Blast. It could be wielded with an elemental staff or used with elemental runes for other strike and blast spells. It could be bound with charges for up to 125 spells (225 after Salt in the Wound is completed), since it was treated as bound ammunition, even though it was wielded in the off-hand slot and provided combat bonuses.
  • Jagex stated in a FAQ that there would be a wave/surge box version. On 2 November 2010, the Celestial surgebox was released as a reward along with the Warped Floors.
  • Before EoC, when this item gave a spell crit ability, interrupting spell casting (e.g., by eating) would reset the crit ability. Players would need to keep striking for five hits for the crit ability to occur.

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