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Magic training dummy detail

The magic training dummy is a dummy won off of Treasure Hunter from the Treasure Hunter – Elite Training Dummies update.

When deployed, a magic training dummy will appear. It can be placed down in most locations, excluding banks, the wilderness and certain minigames.

The dummy can be attacked and destroyed up to 5 times. Each time the dummy is destroyed, the player will receive a certain amount of Constitution experience, as well as experience in Magic. Once it has been defeated 5 times, the dummy will be permanently destroyed, meaning that the player has to place another one down. Killing the dummy a fifth time will provide an extra amount of experience.

The dummy can be attacked by other players as well. If they do they can deal up to 10% of the damage necessary to kill it and will receive 10% of the experience that they would have gained if they had owned it. The experience is given once the owner has defeated the dummy. Experience gained from the dummy is scaled to the attacker's current combat level and is based on whatever combat style is chosen. It has 100,000 life points per round. The maximum combat level for a dummy is 99. If the owner is not doing any damage to the dummy, other players cannot do damage.

The dummies have a few restrictions:

  • Abilities that affect multiple tiles or multiple targets will not work on them.
  • Attacks that drain life will not work.
  • Summoning familiars cannot damage the dummies
  • The dwarven multicannon does not work on the dummies.
  • Dummies cannot be placed directly next to each other.
  • Poison does not work.
  • Players will not gain any experiences for augmented weapons or armour.

Magic training dummies, like all other combat training dummies, can be converted at a 3:2 ratio into other combat training dummies.