Magic golem outfit equipped

The magic golem outfit is a Mining outfit that is acquired from combining the sapphire, emerald, and ruby golem outfits. Once combined, it is impossible to disassemble the combined pieces. Pieces of the outfit will work with any non-combined pieces from other golem outfits as long as all other pieces are of the same outfit. Each piece of the Magic golem outfit can be recoloured to sapphire, emerald, ruby, and magic.

The pieces of the sapphire, emerald, and ruby golem outfits can currently be collected from Treasure Hunter or through collecting gemstone golem fragments (which requires level 70 Mining) and combining these with the Invention skill at level 20 Invention and level 80 Mining.

Set effectsEdit

Magic golem outfit recolour interface

The recolour interface

When the full set is worn, it has the following effects:

Outfit piecesEdit

Magic golem head Magic golem head
Magic golem torso Magic golem torso
Magic golem legs Magic golem legs
Magic golem gloves Magic golem gloves
Magic golem boots Magic golem boots


  • Before a patch on 1 July 2014, there was a bug where the passive effect would stop working upon first logging in with the set equipped. Re-equipping a piece would fix it.
  • The entire set must be equipped in order to use the Golden mining suit's bonus; this makes it unsuitable for training with Brawling gloves, whereas the Golden mining suit does work with brawlers.
  • Originally the in-game acquisition methods were due for release on 31 October 2016, but this was pushed back to allow time for development.

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