This article is about the instructor on Tutorial Island. For the instructor in Lumbridge, see Magic instructor (Mikasi).
HumanCrassianTutorial (2018)
Magic instructor
Magic instructor (2018 tutorial)
Release date 12 March 2018 (Update unknown) edit
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC Beneath Cursed Tides
Location(s) Tutorial Island, Mudskipper Point
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A master of magic.
Magic instructor (2018 tutorial) chathead

Wizard Terrova the magic instructor was the last tutor new players met on Tutorial Island. He was the Wizard of Tutorial Island and used to be in his house on the south side of the island. He taught players about Magic and how to cast spells, and provided them with 5 air runes and 5 mind runes. Terrova was capable of deactivating the protective spells any time he desires for a vast number of players on Tutorial Island, and was once able to teleport them there himself; he bore a great supply of air and mind runes as well. There was a barrel of unfinished staves and several dragon's heads in his house, an indication of his high magical prowess. Additionally, Terrova claimed he was a friend of the Lumbridge Guide, Phileas, and has mastered all of magic itself, putting him at Level 99 or even higher.

The Magic instructor used to be found in the building at the end of the dirt road on Tutorial Island. He had a large cage with chickens in it for players to train with the runes he gave to them (you could only use ranged or magic attacks on the chickens because the cage was only made of walls and a metal fence, which didn't have a gate).

When players were ready, Terrova would teleport them to Lumbridge, along with 25 air runes, 15 mind runes, 4 earth runes, 6 water runes, and 2 body runes.

Good day, Evil Dave - long time, no see.

Three years ago, I employed a scruffy young man to look after my three dairy cows [OF TOTAL DOMINATION - E.D.]: Dolly, Emmylou and Linda. The young man would teach adventurers about milking cows and churning, and I would give him a small wage. I used to call him ‘servant’ or ‘little servant’.

Well, one night I heard a ruckus and the dastardly young man had herded my trio of cows onto a raft of plain logs and teaching manuals, making a course for the mainland. I tried to Wind Strike him, but it did no damage.

Now, here comes my theory! The new tutorial has a White Knight named Sir Vant, which is so very similar to ‘servant'! In it, Sir Vant fights a dragon with three heads, which, in the right light, could be an elaborately disguised triad of cattle! I say this man is a heinous fraud and his so-called three-headed dragon is nothing more than three glued-together bovines [OF MASS DESTRUCTION - E.D.].

By the way, if your fans ever need someone to teach them how to cook, fight or run, tell them to come see me.


Beneath Cursed TidesEdit

The wizard makes a return briefly at the end of the Beneath Cursed Tides quest released on 14 December 2015. He makes you take the final challenge of using magic on the chickens under the water, and also redirects a curse targeted at Vannaka as you and a hydromancer named Myrtle defeat the evil wizard who cursed the island to sink. He received a graphical update for this quest.


  • His hat resembled a blue version of the usually black Dagon'hai hat that the Dagon'hai wear.
  • You could drop the 5 air and mind runes he gave you and you could ask him for more and more runes. When going to Lumbridge, the runes would no longer appear.